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ASTPP Version 2.2

  • September 3, 2015


Hi All,Hope you all are enjoying using Version 2.1 which was just released few days back.

We highly appreciate your suggestion/feedback on it. Based on that and bugs found in it, we have made some quick updates and few improvements including bug fixes.
Its been included in this latest version 2.2

The list goes here:

1. Resolved Paypal enable/disable issues #0000060
2. Corrected validations for state field in accounts module. #0000051
3. Resolved batch update issues in rates module
4. Improved footer layout
5. Improved error messages
6. Resolved dashboard graph issue for display decimal value
7. Resolved global DID number translation not accepting blank value issue
8. SIP Devices and Opensips Devices issues fixed
9. Resolved duplicate email address issues
10. Resolved button related issues
11. Accounts DID module validation issues
12. Resolved dialplan errors when number starting with +
13. Improved installation script
14. Resolved SIP device issues in customer edit
15. Resolved DID destination saving issue in reseller portal

To install v2.2:
# wget –no-check-certificate -O
# chmod +x
# ./

Upgrade steps from v2.1 to v2.2:
# wget –no-check-certificate -O
# chmod +x
# ./

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In case if you find any issues, then please feel free to report in our bug tracker below:

Thank you everyone for your continuous support in ASTPP journey.
Please donate at our paypal address to keep the project running smoothly.



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