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ASTPP Announced Successful Business Trip to Ireland

  • April 17, 2019


As many of you know the official ASTPP development and support team provide premium ASTPP services to benefit the customers with the professional services. The professional services enhance the utilities of this powerful FreeSWITCH billing software even more. Recently, one prospect had requested premium service as listed below:

Our representatives accepted the project and fly all the way to Ireland from the headquarter in India. The ASTPP experts stayed in Ireland for 10 days. We must mention that the client proven to be a really nice host!

The ASTPP experts started with understanding the business model of the customer which aims to connect people with intelligent communication. They provide a wide array of unified communication solutions. Based on the collected information our ASTPP experts installed this powerful FreeSWITCH billing solution: ASTPP on the server of this customer in Ireland. They also made required configurations and applied white labeling to the installed ASTPP: VoIP billing solution. Furthermore, the ASTPP billing solution got integrated in a manner that it streamlines with other existing solution. Also, the cluster setup is created on the server of the customer to assure high availability of the billing solution. The final service delivered by the ASTPP experts to the customer in Ireland was to provide training of the installed solution. Our representative gave a complete product walk-through as well as best practices to use the ASTPP solution at its best.

We are delighted to share that the customer and his team are impressed with the professionalism and expertise of ASTPP representatives. Furthermore, they have also shown interest in the ASTPP customization service. They have shown interest in achieving following with the premium ASTPP customization service:

  • Auto recharge
  • Stripe payment gateway integration
  • Notification with Clickatell SMS gateway
  • Number portability
  • Bulk DID purchase
  • Bulk DID update

They will also share some more features which they would like our ASTPP experts to develop to complete their expected solution.

Our representatives are back to India after delivering the committed solution to the customer and shared their experience, “It is the first ever on-site installation of ASTPP that we have performed and we are glad with the experience. The customer really liked our service and we could realize this is really useful and beneficial service for the VoIP service providers. Thus, we are willing to take more projects of as such on-site ASTPP installation, training and other ASTPP projects. Talking about the customer in Ireland, they were really nice and they took really good care of us. They are visionary entrepreneurs and it was really nice meeting them and working closely with such a passionate team.”


It is an open source VoIP billing software solution. It can be used with any FreeSWITCH solution to automate invoicing and billing. The ASTPP is an open source, but the community offers some premium services at cost effective rates to benefit the users of the ASTPP. The funds collected by these premium ASTPP services are used for further research, development and to take care of other operational expenses of ASTPP.