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ASTPP Version 4.0 Launched in a Gala Event

  • May 29, 2019

Today was the much awaited day in the open source community of ASTPP. It was the day of ASTPP 4.0 version launch. ASTPP has been in existence for more than 16 years now and it has faced many transformations. The continuous research and development performed by a dedicated team of ASTPP has brought this solution in the list of top 3 VoIP billing solutions, including, all open source and proprietary VoIP billing software. The last version of ASTPP was launched in the year 2016. Since then, no other major version was released because the community was facing a lot of challenges such as, vicious competition, scarcity of funds, so on and so forth. The team ASTPP and the official maintainer and management company iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd stood firm on their decision of making this VoIP solution one of the top telephony solutions.

The company had initiated crowdfunding campaign last year to collect funds which can help the vision of ASTPP community of building the best telephony solution which can support all scaled businesses in their journey of growth. However, nothing was easy for this open source VoIP billing software. Even after having 10000+ businesses, hundreds of users and community members, the ASTPP crowdfunding campaign could only collect 47% of the set target of as low as $10,000. The ASTPP community still stood firm against the odds and kept driving the forces.

Finally the ASTPP team made an impossible looking task possible and brought a revolutionary change in the VoIP industry with the launch of ASTPP 4.0

The launch event of ASTPP 4.0 conducted in a renowned auditorium in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Among the presence of delegates, guests, community members as well as many ASTPP users connected via virtual platforms the ASTPP 4.0 got launched.

The launch of ASTPP 4.0 has covered a journey from a VoIP billing software solution to A Smart TelePhony Platform. Mr. Samir Doshi, community leader of ASTPP took everyone on an emotional roller coaster ride of ASTPP. He shared how ASTPP grown from an Asterisk Postpaid Billing solution to a Freeswitch VoIP billing software to A Smart TelePhony Platform. Mr. Samir Doshi got emotional on the successful launch of this visionary project and all attendees accompanied him on this emotional ride. He shared more details about the enhancements and new modules’ launch in the ASTPP 4.0. He also explained how ASTPP 4.0 will bring revolutionary effect in the VoIP industry.

According to the shared information, ASTPP is the one stop solution studded with features of multi tenant PBX, calling card, SIP trunking, class 4 / 5 Softswitch, FoIP, DID, Mobile Dialer, so on and so forth along with the most advanced billing system. The ASTPP leader also launched a new business model on ASTPP by introducing ASTPP enterprise version.

ASTPP was, is and will be an open source solution. We will keep empowering this solution with ongoing research and development, but to support this ongoing research, development and other related operations, we need funds and for that we will provide certain premium services to the users of the ASTPP enterprise version. This will not affect the open source users and community”, shared Samir Doshi, ASTPP community leader.

Samir further shared many interesting information about ASTPP 4.0 during his session.

The event continued with session of technical head Hardik Patel, who gave system walkthrough of the newly launched ASTPP 4.0. He gave more details about the enhanced functionalities, its benefits and ease of use. He also gave a live demo of using the newly introduced add-on concept in ASTPP. The next segment conducted by the ASTPP quality assurance team lead, Hemdip Badani. He shared general security issues and details on how those issues are resolved in the ASTPP 4.0. The ASTPP QA team ran more than 3000 test cases to assure quality as ASTPP 4.0 is a gigantic telephony solution.

The next segment conducted by mobile app development lead, Megha Paramar. She shared details about the mobile SIP dialer. She shared the benefits, features and related details about the ASTPP dialer. She also shared key features of ASTPP Mobile SIP dialer with ASTPP dialer screenshots. The final session was delivered by Devang Nathwani, Support lead of ASTPP. He shared more actionable insights related to the installation requirement of ASTPP 4.0, system architecture and more details. There are thousands of changes made in the ASTPP and all details are available in the changelog:

The ASTPP event continued with audience interaction in which anchors of the event asked about the experiences of different team members of ASTPP. The anchors kept the energy of the show higher from beginning to the end. The event had the final segment of celebration in which some amazing performances took place such as, singing and dancing. The event wrapped up with a gala dinner.

ASTPP website is also transformed with the ASTPP 4.0 launch.

The ASTPP 4.0: A Smart TelePhony Platform is now available for use to the users in its both forms: Community and Enterprise version. For more details or specific answers to your questions, contact us.