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ASTPP Online Training and Certification Program Is Open

  • April 7, 2020

We are glad to share that ASTPP online training program is launched and open for enrolment now. You can join the program to learn and sharpen the skills of the latest version of ASTPP.

We have designed a very meticulous ASTPP online training program to benefit community members, existing ASTPP users and ASTPP enterprise version users. The program was on hold since we have launched ASTPP 4. By keeping the current scenario and of course the need for this course in mind, we have launched the course again.

Due to the novel Coronavirus spread, many countries are locked down by the government. Even if the government does not enforce lockdown, people like to stay home to be safe. There are many companies that have given “Remote Work” to the team so they can stay safe in this difficult time. During this situation, taking the online course of ASTPP training to learn the latest version of ASTPP, its pros, its in-depth features, the power of add-ons, etc. can be very beneficial.

All the participants that complete the course will receive a certification from the ASTPP as well. This will help participants attain some more business and professional success. It can open the doors of opportunities for many.

On the other hand, companies can take advantage of time in their favour.  The companies can opt for all the employees that are related to the VoIP operations or use this smart VoIP solution. They can sharpen the skills of their team and enhance their knowledge related to this smart telephony platform so they can take the real advantage of the abundant power of ASTPP.

The ASTPP experts from the official team of ASTPP will take this training program for the participants to give them in-depth knowledge of this product. All the sessions will focus on practical knowledge, product walk-through, and similar methodology so that each participant can engross in the session and learn indeed.

This is a onetime course which will cover the complete product knowledge for participants. The one time investment can give long term benefits as the participants will know all features and how to take the advantages from those features. Also, the main attraction of the ASTPP: its add-ons will be highlighted in the ASTPP online training program so the participants can learn to use them to gain competitive advantages.

To benefit the participants, in each batch, there will be only 4 participants. This will give enough space to learn. On the other hand, for the companies, there will be a dedicated session, which means all team members of a company will be trained in a single group. This will help them discuss and practice with each other after the sessions.

This program can be attended by anyone interested in learning ASTPP closely. The existing community members, users, and customers can gain the maximum benefits from this online training program.

In this situation of COVID 19, taking this course will not only help learning, but will also help utilizing time productively.

To join the program or to ask any questions you may have, contact us.