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Free Trial of ASTPP Enterprise Version Is Launched

  • July 13, 2020

We are delighted to announce the launch of a free trial of the ASTPP Enterprise version (ASTPP Self Hosting).

As you all know, ASTPP is now available as an enterprise solution with more value-added features, add-ons, and other offerings. We want to make sure all interested users can take advantage of ASTPP to the fullest by using its enterprise version. Thus, we are launching a free trial of the ASTPP enterprise version. To be precise, it is a free trial of the ASTPP Self Hosting Solution.

This trial will be for 14 days without asking for any kind of payment details such as credit card, PayPal, etc. It means it is a completely risk free trial.

During these 14 days of the free trial, you can access all features available in the core ASTPP solution as well as all community and enterprise add-ons.

In this period of the free trial, you will have a clear idea of:

  • The complete power of the ASTPP enterprise solution
  • Available features of various add-ons
  • ASTPP team support for seamless experience and
  • Use cases of ASTPP 4, which is a smart telephony solution

This trial will grant you unlimited access to the enterprise system and you can play with it in a way you want to.

As mentioned earlier, it is a free trial of the ASTPP Self Hosting solution. We will provide the documentation and steps to download and install ASTPP 4, so you can simply set it up for your use. It will have a license for 14 days. Thus, after 14 days it will expire if you have not purchased the license.

You can take this trial to check its capabilities by running the services in parallel to your existing system if you have any. This will also give you the opportunity to gauge the simplicity yet advancements of ASTPP 4.

What is the ASTPP enterprise solution?

ASTPP is a popular open source VoIP solution, but if you are new here or have come back to check on ASTPP after some years, let us share that ASTPP 4, the latest version of it launched in 2019. This launch transformed Asterisk To Post Paid billing solution into A Smart TelePhony Platform.

Along with a VoIP billing solution, now ASTPP offers many more features and add-ons which provide complete VoIP solutions to the users.

ASTPP enterprise version offers full access to the whole platform as well as it lets you enjoy the support services offered by the official ASTPP team if needed.

Now, you can access a 14-day free trial of the latest version of ASTPP with all its features and add-ons.

After the trial, you can buy an enterprise version with a license. You can pay the license fee in one go or choose to pay it in monthly or quarterly installments.

In a nutshell, we have made sure that we will provide all types of support to VoIP service providers, ITSPs, and all other businesses that want to use ASTPP, so they can take advantage of the power of ASTPP 4.

To know more about ASTPP Self Hosting enterprise version, click here.

To book your free trial or to raise any question you may have, contact us.