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ASTPP Announced Successful Participation in Convergence India

  • March 29, 2022


ASTPP announced successful participation in one of the leading Indian expos, Convergence India 2022. ASTPP representatives participated in the 29th Convergence India and exhibited this smart telephony platform to visitors.


On this occasion, one of the representatives of the community announced that the community exhibited in 29th Convergence India. This three-day long event took place in Delhi, India. More than 500 exhibitors took part in this event and ASTPP was one of them. The event exhibitors exhibited different technologies such as 5G technology, cloud & big data analytics, cyber security, mobile apps & eCommerce, automation technologies, digital gaming, consumer technology, OTT, smart city solutions, and more.

As per the shared details, ASTPP representatives showcased different add-ons along with the core solution, which includes the following systems:

  • FreeSWITCH billing software
  • Multi tenant IP PBX software
  • DID management solution
  • SIP recording software
  • Fax over IP software
  • Class 4 Softswitch solution
  • Calling card system
  • WHMCS billing platform
  • Fraud detection and management software
  • Number portability solution
  • Local number management solution
  • Help desk ticketing solution
  • And more

As per the shared details, the representatives generated awareness about the open source version of ASTPP. The representatives also discussed major statistics and USPs of this open source VoIP billing solution.

The Convergence India event is renowned for having professionals from all diversified industry verticals. We were lucky to meet multiple open source community members, and they loved hearing about ASTPP and its story of sustainability as one of the top VoIP billing software solutions, shared a representative of ASTPP at Convergence India.

As per the shared details, different add-ons of ASTPP grabbed the attention of many businesses, especially, multi tenant IP PBX software as many businesses look for a platform to enhance business communication and collaboration capabilities. Moreover, multi tenant version of this PBX software lets businesses launch their own revenue generation channel.

The ASTPP team received many requests for demos of all major add-ons from stand visitors at the Convergence India event.

The representatives of ASTPP grabbed the opportunity to meet some local customers that use enterprise and open source solutions. They also met ASTPP community members in Delhi and discussed the roadmap to scale up this smart telephony platform.

“It’s been a wonderful experience participating in Convergence India 2022. We are happy to receive such a huge response from the visitors of this expo. We have not only signed some partnership MOMs, but we have also onboarded some warm leads that are interested in using this telephony platform. Multi tenant IP PBX software has won the show as Indian businesses loved the benefits it offers. Other than that, support ticket solution, FreeSWITCH billing software, and SIP recording software gained interest from stand visitors at Convergence India.


It is one of the leading open source VoIP billing solutions that offer a smart telephony product. This platform is managed, maintained, and funded by Inextrix. ASTPP has been catering to more than 10,000 businesses for many years. To know more about ASTPP, visit