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ASTPP Crowdfunding Campaign Summary

  • January 22, 2019


ASTPP crowdfunding campaign was launched two months back and it is closed now! This is time to update the community members with the achieved and missed milestones by giving a summation of this two month long campaign.

As we have more than 10,000 businesses actively using our open source VoIP billing solution, we had kept the total goal of US $10,000. We couldn’t reach the set goal. However, we met 40% of the total goal and we are immensely thankful to each donator who contributed not only to this open source VoIP billing solution, but also for all those businesses that rely on this open source VoIP billing solution. We understand ‘Thank You’ is not enough and that’s the reason, we are going to reward each and every donator personally, as promised earlier.

In upcoming days, we will reward all contributors based on the perk category they belong to according to their donation amount. In fact, we have already started rewarding the sponsors by adding their brief on our sponsor page. The contributors that belong to the category of reward which will feature them on our next version release will need to wait till we launch the next version of the ASTPP and believe us that will be in the nearest future.

As mentioned the funds collected are not enough to meet the set goals and bypass fierce competition. Thus, iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd, the official manager and maintainer company of this FreeSWITCH billing solution will continue contributing to the growth and development of this opens source FreSWITCH billing solution. We appreciate your support. We still need resources like hardware, software, VoIP calling minutes, and funds to accelerate the growth of this open source VoIP billing solution. If you would like to make a contribution, please make here.