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Samir Doshi Shared Insights about ASTPP and Its Journey

  • June 3, 2019

“ASTPP: An open source solution! The solution which covered a journey from an Asterisk to PostPaid billing solution to A Smart TelePhony Platform! The solution which empowered more than 10,000 businesses all across the world! The solution which was almost dead at a certain point, but it became one of the top 3 VoIP billing solutions after surviving from the dead situation! The solution which is one of those solutions that is driving and leading the VoIP industry! I am thrilled and excited to uncover the latest version of ASTPP, The ASTPP 4.0: A Smart TelePhony Platform”, remarked Samir Doshi, Community Leader, ASTPP.

In the launch event of the latest version of the ASTPP, Mr. Samir Doshi, shared how heroic journey this open source solution has lived. It has been a tough journey when nobody was supporting ASTPP and Samir and his cofounder, Arpit, who owns a company, called, iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Initially, these two technopreneurs did it all alone despite a lot of criticism. After continuous efforts, they got success which also brought people from the nooks and corners of the word to build one of the most proactive communities. He thanked all community members who helped in any way, from a single comment to write a code.

Samir explained two major challenges: one faced by the ASTPP users and one a generic issue faced by the VoIP service providers. He, then, explained how the latest version of ASTPP 4.0 resolves both of these concerns.

Samir also gave an insightful explanation about ASTPP 4.0 and he shared what is new in this version. He provided detailed information about how this telephony solution is going to resolve various challenges by providing a one stop solution to the VoIP business owners.

Moving ahead, Samir talked about the challenges they face being an open source solution. As per the shared details, they need funds to stay ahead of the competition and being an open source there is no way to get funds. To meet the fund requirement, they had launched a crowdfunding campaign last year with a target set to just $10,000. However, they could only reach 47% of the set target. Thus, to meet the increasing scarcity of funds, the ASTPP introduces a business model of the enterprise version. It means, now onwards there will be two different versions available in the ASTPP:

  1. ASTPP Community Versions aka Open Source Solution
  2. ASTPP Enterprise Version aka Premium Solution

The ASTPP 4.0 will provide an enterprise version in which the users will get some additional services and add-ons than the open source version.

As per the shared details, the ASTPP will be an open source solution and the team ASTPP will keep working on the development of the community aka open source version. The enterprise version is introduced to receive some funds by providing premium services to the ASTPP users, which can be invested in research and development of the ASTPP: Open Source Smart TelePhony Platform.

Here is the presentation which was shared by Mr. Samir Doshi, ASTPP Community Leader in the launch event



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