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Webinar: ASTPP Support Ticket Walkthrough

  • February 9, 2021

We are happy to announce that we are coming up with our next webinar. Usually, we focus on sharing general information, so all webinar participants can take advantage of the knowledge shared by experts. This time we are covering one of the add-ons of the ASTPP enterprise solution. Of course, participants of this webinar are going to learn about the topic under discussion. Regardless of the fact that you are using the ASTPP solution or not, the information to be shared in this webinar will be useful if you are using a technical help desk ticketing solution or you are part of the VoIP industry.

The upcoming webinar will be delivered by Mr. Hemdip Badani, who is one of the community members of ASTPP.

Webinar Topic: ASTPP Support Ticket Walkthrough. Train Yourself to Take Advantage of the ASTPP Support Tickets Add-on at Its Best!

Date: 11 Feb 2021

Time: 7 PM to 8 PM IST (GMT + 5:30)

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The next webinar will cover the “Support Ticket” topic. Hemdip is going to share some known and unknown facts related to this software. He will also share the list of key features, which are must have features in 2021. It means if you are using a help desk ticketing solution, then it must have those features. Want to know which features? Register for the webinar and attend it.

ASTPP users, especially ASTPP enterprise users, have an added reason to attend this webinar. In this webinar, one of the ASTPP contributors and community members, Hemdip is going to give a complete walkthrough of “Support Tickets”. Support Tickets is one of the enterprise add-ons available for ASTPP Self Hostimg and ASTPP Managed Services users. This webinar is not going to give just some facts related to its Support Ticket add-on, but will also share a complete tutorial with a product walkthrough. Attending this webinar will help you use this add-on at its best.

What will be covered?

·         Introduction of help desk ticketing solution

·         Why you must use this software?

·         List of key features that you must have in your help desk ticketing software

·         ASTPP Support Ticket add-on features

·         Live demo and quick training of Support Ticket add-on of ASTPP (installation, configuration, effective use, tips, etc.)

Top Reasons to join this webinar:

·         To know how a support ticketing system benefits businesses

·         To explore mandatory features of this software in 2021

·         To know more about ASTPP Support Ticket add-on and effective way of using it

·         To ask your questions in real-time to ASTPP and support ticket software expert


ASTPP community is coming up with a webinar to educate professionals and aspiring engineers about one of the most widely used software called the help desk ticketing system. All technical industries, even if they are not connected to the VoIP industry, use this software. Register for free to attend this webinar and learn about some never know before facts, tips, and tricks about this software. Free training of the ASTPP Support add-on is a bonus.