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Webinar: Calling Card and How to Start Calling Card Business?

  • January 19, 2021

We are glad to announce our next webinar, which will be on one more amazing topic, to help aspiring business owners and VoIP engineers as well as to add value to the knowledge of already successful ITSPs, and VoIP entrepreneurs or engineers. This time the session will be conducted by Mr. Samir Doshi, ASTPP Community Leader and Co-founder & Director of iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd, which is the main funding company of ASTPP for more than seven years.

Webinar Topic: Calling Card and How to Start a Calling Card Business?

Date: 21 Jan 2021

Time: 7 PM to 8 PM IST (GMT + 5:30)

How to Join:

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In the forthcoming webinar, Samir will share important and business-related information to all participants of the webinar by focusing on “Calling Card” as the main topic of the webinar. He will share interesting and must-know information related to Calling Card, which can help you see a completely different perspective of this well-known business of the VoIP industry.

Aspects to be covered for business and C-level users:

  • Brief introduction of calling card and its role in the VoIP industry
  • Different utilities of calling card considering both, business users and end-users
  • Current market size and value of calling card business to evaluate the worth of launching this business
  • Information on what you need to start a business
  • A complete guide on how to start a calling card business

 Aspects to be covered for the technical team:

  • Calling card working model explanation
  • Detailed information about the Calling Card feature available to all ASTPP users
  • A complete walkthrough of different features of the Calling Card feature of ASTPP
  • Live demo of this feature and detailed information on some important technical aspects
  • Technical tips on managing this feature, or any other Calling Card software

The information, which will be shared in this webinar, can be used by anyone to start a calling card business or to add more knowledge to technical information one would have about calling cards and/ or other smart VoIP solutions.

Why you must join the upcoming webinar on a calling card?

  • To recognize the value of calling card business in the global VoIP market
  • To identify different use cases of this VoIP solution
  • To learn how you can add one more offering or start a whole new business to make a stronger presence in the VoIP world
  • To get some entrepreneurial tips from a serial entrepreneur who is running more than one business for more than a decade
  • To learn technical aspects of calling card and ASTPP from the community leader who has also been the major contributor
  • To interact with Samir and ask your questions in real-time


ASTPP community has been bringing multiple knowledge-sharing webinars and programs. From ASTPP Remote Training to webinars, you can learn a lot from them. Join the upcoming webinar and uncover more opportunities.