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Open Source Class 4 Softswitch – All Things You Need To Know About

  • May 23, 2023

Wholesale VoIP business is completely dependent on class 4 Softswitch. Even from the time when a software-based class 4 switch was not available and the wholesale providers were using a hardware-based system, the popularity of wholesale VoIP business is noteworthy. Its growing demand and fame attracted several companies and developers to contribute and launch feature-rich class 4 Softswitch software solutions that can meet the growing needs of the wholesale VoIP segment with a better business model bestowed by a software solution.

There are several options for this wholesale VoIP Softswitch available in the market and each of them is segmented into either of the following two categories:

1 Proprietary class 4 Softswitch solution

2 Open source class 4 Softswitch solution

What is An Open Source Class 4 VoIP Softswitch?

It is an open source version of the wholesale Softswitch, which can be used to manage wholesale VoIP traffic with diversified call routing strategies. The modern class 4 Softswitch solutions are more than just international call routing solutions. They provide several other features such as billing, invoicing, rate management, reseller network management, and more.

An open source class 4 Softswitch solution makes all these features available for free along with a host of benefits. This makes it easier for wholesale VoIP providers that are interested in switching from a legacy system to the modern version, as well as, for providers that are interested in embarking on their own business in the wholesale VoIP industry.

Top 6  Benefits of Open Source Class 4 Softswitch Software

Top 6 benefits of open source class 4 Softswitch software

There are several advantages of using an open source solution to run a wholesale VoIP business.

1. Low Cost

One of the major advantages of any open source platform is, it is available for free if you have the technical expertise to use this software; from installation to maintenance. However, if you don’t have any technical background, then also it would be cheaper to use an open source switch compared to a proprietary class 4 Softswitch. You can easily find freelancers or companies offering technical services for open source solutions. You can even use paid support from the open source community management team to receive the best in the industry support and still, it would be low cost.

The class 4 switch is a huge platform as it manages wholesale traffic and thus, it is quite expensive compared to open source platforms that come for free. This is a huge advantage because the saved funds can be used in multiple productive jobs.

2. Easy to Examine the Platform’s Performance

Investing in buying a wholesale VoIP Softswitch is a huge decision. It is not only about the investment of money, but also about the investment of manpower, time, and other resources. Thus, it is necessary to be mindful of your choice and selection. The open source system provides an easy option to get a wholesale switch and examine its performance as well as benchmark it without huge investment and risk of losing out. If you like the community version of the wholesale switch, you have an option to upgrade the solution to the enterprise version or you can enhance the platform to add more features and functionalities.

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Even in the free trial of the software, it is difficult to test the real performance of the wholesale switch until you use it at full fledged, which is possible with the paid version only.

3. White Label Solution

The open source class 4 VoIP Softswitch is available with source code access. This provides complete freedom to rebrand the platform. You can change all branding elements to insert your business branding and use a white label solution and leverage several advantages related to using a white label solution.

4. Freedom to Customize the Software

As you have access to the source code of this VoIP software, you can customize it as much as you want to. You can change its theme, add new features, customize the performance of existing functionalities, and achieve several other advantages by customizing the software. In fact, you can completely customize the wholesale switch to meet your business needs and achieve the top goals.

5. Excellent Community Support

Another great advantage of using an open source system to run a wholesale VoIP business is receiving excellent support from the community and that is also for free. From a simple resolution of installation errors to resolving known and unknown bugs, identifying options to add new functionalities and any other type of support can be received from the open source community.

6. Vendor independence

The open source wholesale Softswitch solution has one of the major advantages of vendor independence. From freelancers to VoIP development companies and even paid community support are available to choose from. You can easily switch from one vendor to another as you will have access to the source code. This is a huge plus point of using an open source solution.

Major Drawbacks of Open Source Class 4 Softswitch Software

Major drawbacks of open source class 4 Softswitch software

While open-source wholesale Softswitch solutions have few disadvantages, some challenges should be noted.

Likelihood of Death of the Software

Nowadays, people are less interested in contributing for free and therefore, several open source systems are dying slowly. No software updates and few active community members benefiting platform users.

By checking how proactive the community or community leaders are, you can overcome this challenge.

Vulnerability and Security Threats

With the class 4 Softswitch software’s open-source code, hackers find it easier to identify backdoors and attack the system. This increases the risks of getting hacked and facing the consequences related to the same.

One of the major areas that get easily hacked is the frontend of the platform. Integrate security solutions to safeguard your switch from threats and attacks. Integrate security solutions to safeguard your switch from threats and attacks.

Concluding Notes

Wholesale VoIP is rapidly growing, playing a vital role in connecting retail VoIP switches and completing the telephony ecosystem. Moreover, it provides a cheap long distance calling facility, which is not possible without this software. To run a wholesale business, there are multiple types of class 4 Softswitch solutions available in the market. Open source solutions have several advantages over proprietary options. An open source solution empowers entrepreneurs to achieve diverse business goals. Open source solutions empower entrepreneurs to achieve business success.

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