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PC Dialer Is Still In-demand in Mobile Age

  • June 16, 2020

Today’s era is a smartphone era. You will see everyone around you with a smartphone or at least a mobile phone in their hands. From entertainment to business operations, everything can be handled with a phone these days. Of course, that is why the mobile SIP dialer is quite popular. 

But, do you know PC Dialers are still in high demand?

Yes, PC dialer, especially, the white label PC dialer is very much popular in a business setup. 

Let me share the major reasons behind its popularity.

1. It is considered more professional and business-friendly

In multiple businesses, using a system for all different types of tasks, including communication, is considered more professional. It makes sure that employees do not get distracted by other applications on their phones. In fact, in many companies, employees need to put their personal phones in the locker room. In that kind of work environment, PC dialer is considered a more professional tool. Of course, some members or departments use mobile phones or mobile SIP dialer, but a majority of employees needs to use a PC dialer.

2. It makes productivity assessment easier

It is very difficult to judge whether someone is having a call related to work or not when he uses a mobile phone. On the contrary, the PC dialer solution gives call logs, which can be checked by the manager. Thus, assessment of productive operations gets easier. In some businesses, they put monitoring tools, for example, a software that captures screen and send the photo to the manager for supervision. In this kind of setup, it becomes easier for management to assure the hours spent by each employee are actually invested in productive operations.  

3. It assures longer productivity with no health hazards

Mobile phone batteries cannot last for long even if they claim to stay alive for longer hours. It is not at all the fault of the smartphone, but it is the fault of all those applications, which we have on the phone. On the other hand, making ongoing business calls can drain the battery even further. If your team uses a white label mobile SIP dialer, then the calling process will use SIP lines.

In this case, it will consume the internet and thus, the battery may get drained even faster. On the other hand, computer systems never lose battery. If your employees use a laptop, then also a laptop usually has a better and longer battery life. Some people have a habit of putting the phone in charge and take calls. People consider this habit very dangerous. On the other hand, when your team members use a PC dialer, there are no such health hazards. 

4. Branding benefits

If your company welcomes frequent visitors in-house such as customers, vendors, partners, job-seeking candidates, then using a white label PC dialer will let you enjoy business brand benefits. Your brand will appear as more tech-savvy and professional.

In a nutshell, there are multiple pros of using a white label PC dialer in business. Thus, PC dialers are used more favorably.

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