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How to Make Max Out of Your ASTPP Self Hosting Solution?

  • June 9, 2020

ASTPP 4, a smart telephony platform, offers an amazing range of features and functionalities. Access to all add-ons, open source and premium, is only available to the enterprise version users. As everyone knows, there are two types of enterprise versions available:

  1. ASTPP Managed Services and
  2. ASTPP Self Hosting

In this article, I will share how you can gain maximum benefits from this powerful smart telephony solution.

1. Use all available resources in your favor

ASTPP works relentlessly to provide the most competitive smart VoIP solution. Thus, the official team of ASTPP offers up-to-date user manuals, guides, etc. Moreover, the community as well as team members offer proactive support in the community.

The beauty of using the ASTPP Self Hosting version is that you can take advantage of your own technical skills and get a cost-effective smart telephony solution. To make sure, you enjoy maximum ROI by using the enterprise version of this smart telephony platform, you must take advantage of all resources offered by the ASTPP. It will let you know the tips to use this solution effectively. Moreover, at any point, if you get stuck, there is a proactive community to give answers to your all and any queries.

ASTPP has also launched the ASTPP Training Program. In the onetime investment of taking these classes from ASTPP experts, you can know this platform upside down. Furthermore, you get some really interesting ideas for business expansion.

2. Do not hesitate from taking help from experts

ASTPP does not offer paid support services as it used to before the launch of ASTPP 4. The paid technical support is now available only to the enterprise version users. Being a Self Hosting version user, you are eligible to take this support service. At any point, when you need technical help instead of looking for cheap freelance options, it is better to take help from experts. ASTPP technical support experts will not only provide an excellent solution within less time, but they will also do a clean job to assure seamless operations and simplified maintenance.

3.Plan to use all add-ons

The key reason of using enterprise version is its wide range of add-ons, which indeed offer comprehensive smart VoIP solutions. Thus, if you have invested in buying an enterprise version of ASTPP 4, do not limit yourself by using only core features or some limited add-ons. You must explore all add-ons and their use cases. You can also take the ASTPP remote training course to learn more about the practical use cases of various add-ons. Even if not immediately, you must plan to use all or at least a majority of add-on in the future. These add-ons can help you enhance your services as well as to improve your business model. You can also run multiple businesses using these add-ons.


ASTPP Smart Hosting version has its own benefits and you must leverage all of them. You can also take help from ASTPP experts. To know more, feel free to contact us.