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Pros and Cons of Using Free Trial of an ASTPP Enterprise Version

  • September 8, 2020

ASTPP has been winning its customers for more than 16 years now. Amazing features and futuristic innovations have been benefiting VoIP business owners for many years now. ASTPP 4, A Smart Telephony Platform, brought another wave of resolution for VoIP business owners.

In a very less time, ASTPP 4 has received a lot of popularity because it is not only a smart VoIP telephony solution, but it is also a highly scalable and robust solution. ASTPP 4 also offers an enterprise version to benefits VoIP businev owners with never seen before functionalities and add-ons.

To let everyone take advantage of this most reliable, robust, and scalable solution, ASTPP has launched a risk-free trial of 14 days.

In this article, we will share the top pros and cons of using this free trial.

Pros of ASTPP Free Trial:

1. Access all enterprise features

ASTPP 4 offers a free demo to people who show interest in its enterprise version. ASTPP 4 offers complete access to the whole enterprise solution to free trial users. All community and enterprise add-ons and features are available at your disposal. You can explore all add-ons and features as per your convenience.

2. Test the solution thoroughly

By opting for a free trial, you can completely test this smart telephony solution to meet your business needs. You can also take the help of your quality assurance expert to test its scalability, functional accuracy, etc. to be doubly sure of your decision of acquiring this smart telephony software.

3. Let your team be familiar with it

Once purchased, the software is used by the team members. If they are not comfortable using a specific software solution, it will waste a lot of time. ASTPP has easy to use user interface to build with GUI elements. Still, it would be a great idea to let your team members who are supposed to work with this software, use, and be familiar with this solution. This will also help when you buy the license of the ASTPP enterprise solution. During official training given by ASTPP experts, you can get all your queries resolved to make this solution easy to adopt and use for your team.

4. Take the team’s feedback before investing

Generally, management buys the software based on initial discussions and the team then uses it. Sometimes later on the team finds out missing features, which can result in added investments. By using this free trial of ASTPP, you can also take feedback from the team to make the right choice and avoid future shocks.


1. Technical aspects should be handled by you

A free trial is available for an ASTPP Self hosting solution. Thus, you need to take care of the installation and configuration of this software by yourself. Of course, ASTPP will provide the steps and tips for a successful installation, but you have to hold the technical knowledge to follow those steps.

These are the top benefits and drawbacks of using the free trial of ASTPP 4. To get answers to any of your queries or to book a free demo or trial, contact us.