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Multi Tenant IP PBX Flourishes MNCs

  • September 1, 2020

MNC needs to adopt tools to assure that each branch of the company stays connected. Also, each branch can be controlled from a headquarter office. Moreover, each branch needs to work efficiently to assure the growth and success of the company. There are many amazing tools, which benefit MNCs and we are going to talk about one of them in this article. We will share how a multi tenant IP PBX solution flourishes multinational companies (MNCs).

1. Strengthen collaboration

In MNCs, internal communication is very crucial. The teams usually work in different offices located in different geographical locations. Thus, it is necessary that team members from different branches can work collaboratively. Multi tenant IP PBX solution helps to achieve this much-needed collaboration. In fact, some multi tenant IP PBX solutions such as the one offered by ASTPP are multilingual. Therefore, team members can use it in their preferred language internally. Thus, boosted performance and productivity are assured.

2. Remove communication gaps

Client communication is an integral part of any business. MNCs need the most reliable tools to remove all communication gaps. Often, in MNCs, one customer gets handled by multiple branches for specific needs. Also, to manage local customers, each branch or head office needs its own set of communication. A feature-rich multi tenant IP PBX solution helps in removing all communication gaps. Also, it makes sure the customers and prospects are always attended in the most professional manner. Thus, increased customer satisfaction and growing businesses are assured.

3. Centralized command and control

Multinational companies need to have a well-defined administration system for each branch office. This applies to each activity and communication is not an option. To assure the right usage of resources, companies need to have a centralized system to have a command over each branch office. Multi tenant IP PBX solution provides these administrative rights to the headquarter office. The management can see the logs of the communication of different branches. They can also allocate a budget of communication to assure resources are not overused. This solution offers many more features to monitor and control communication and collaboration among different branches.

4. Reduced expenses on communication

Similar to any organization, MNCs also need to control the costs to increase ROI. Communication is something one cannot really stop with cost restrictions. However, using tools to reduce communication expenses is possible. Multi tenant IP PBX solution offers many interesting and advanced communication features. At the same time, it offers cheaper means of communication. This software uses SIP lines, which provide way cheaper communication than the traditional ones. International calls are also very affordable with SIP calling. Moreover, extension to extension calling is completely free. In a nutshell, it cuts expenses drastically.

Multi tenant IP PBX is one of the enterprise add-ons available for ASTPP enterprise version users. There are many advanced VoIP solutions, which are available as ASTPP add-ons. Book a free demo and a risk-free trial now. For more details, contact us.