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Role Of AI Call Routing In Augmenting Retail Softswitch

  • July 7, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is transforming almost all industry verticals and solutions built with different technologies, whether they are software or hardware. AI benefits voice-over IP solutions in one way or another. If we talk about the retail Softswitch, it can augment several features of the software using artificial intelligence. One of the areas majorly improved with AI is call routing in this VoIP Softswitch solution.

If you are thinking about how call distribution and the class 5 Softswitch are associated, let’s look at the advanced features now added to this Softswitch. Nowadays, a VoIP software development company builds custom retail Softswitch solutions with personalized features. Call routing features include IVR, call queue, internal extension forwarding, voicemail forwarding, external number forwarding, and more. The development companies now add several strategies in this software to automatically distribute calls to the right business executives. 

Call distribution features in this Softswitch ensure seamless connections between customers and the right individuals, IVR systems, or executive voicemail, providing reliable communication.

Role of AI in Augmenting Call Routing Decisions in Retail Softswitch 

The role of artificial intelligence is significant because it introduces intelligent call routing. This routing method intelligently directs calls to the appropriate business executive, ensuring efficient handling of customers and callers.

AI-based call distribution gathers customer information to optimize call assignment. Advanced intelligent call distribution uses AI algorithms to analyze caller sentiments, emotions, and intent, matching them with suitable team members. AI engineers incorporate various algorithms like voice analysis, natural language processing, speech-to-text, and emotion analysis. Based on these algorithms, the system intelligently analyzes caller information to determine whether to assign the call to an internal extension, voicemail, IVRS, or an external number.

Benefits Of using Intelligent call routing in A retail softswitch solution

Benefits of Using Intelligent Call Routing in a Retail Softswitch Solution

1. Increase Customer Satisfaction

A majority of calls will be assigned to team members that can deliver satisfactory response and assistance and this can help in delighting customers at its best. Imagine waiting in call queues and repeating the process to speak with the right executive for query resolution. Alternatively, envision calling your service provider, quickly reaching an expert with minimal queue and hold time, and resolving your issue in the first attempt. As a client and even as a business owner, you would prefer the second scenario and that can be achieved using the intelligent call routing feature available developed and integrated into the class 5 Softswitch.

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2. Boost The Morale and Productivity of the Team

A majority of businesses buy one of the best retail Softswitch solutions to provide enriched business phone systems to employees. When adding AI-driven call distribution features to this software, it can work wonders. It ensures that each team member receives the call they have the skills to handle. The AI system segments numbers based on employee availability and workload. The system intelligently avoids routing calls to busy employees, such as a sales manager, during specific hours, like from 2 PM to 4 PM. Additionally, the system refrains from routing calls to employees who are on leave.

All this will increase job satisfaction among employees and even boost morale by increasing customer satisfaction. 

Concluding Notes

All in all, intelligent call distribution has a significant role to play in a business if it is correctly integrated into the Class 5 Softswitch solution. Along with improving the experience of clients and employees, it can also benefit management by reducing expenses, increasing efficiency, enhancing brand image, automating tedious jobs, providing insightful data, and more. This is the reason one must explore the options available to augment the functionality of this VoIP Softswitch solution. 

As a leading provider of telephony solutions in the VoIP industry, we integrate AI features to enhance functionality. If you are interested in the retail Softswitch, we can be your pal. Initiate the discussion, by getting in touch with us.