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Retail VoIP Switch Solution – Major Challenges To Face

  • November 22, 2021

The VoIP industry is made of several VoIP (voice over internet protocol) solutions. Each VoIP system is used to overcome some challenges. However, some VoIP service providers face certain challenges with VoIP solutions. This can be because of wrong selection of platform, lack of knowledge, or some other issues. In this article, we will talk about a Retail VoIP Switch Solution , more popularly known as IP PBX, VoIP PBX, and class 5 Softswitch software.

Some of the major challenges that VoIP service providers face with this VoIP Softswitch solution.

1. Missing features

Similar to the class 4 Softswitch software, class 5 Softswitch software is also offered by multiple VoIP providers. Each may have certain common and unique features. Some retail VoIP service providers face the challenge of missing features in this software. This possibly happens because of the wrong selection of software.

Even if you choose an open-source VoIP PBX, there are multiple options available. Before selecting any retail VoIP switch, make sure you check the features and compare them with the must-have features before getting one.

2. Setup and deployment

Many people face this issue with the retail VoIP Softswitch solution. Even if the VoIP solutions are easier to use with their GUI elements, still, installing and setting up a VoIP system requires technical expertise. Selection between a cloud or an on-premise server installation, right configurations, etc. is very complicated for some business VoIP providers and it becomes challenging for them to set up and deploy the retail switch successfully.

Buying the VoIP PBX from a reliable and renowned provider can resolve this challenge.

3. Billing 

Similar to wholesale VoIP service providers, the retailers use the best IP PBX software to provide VoIP calling services to end-users. Billing is an important and challenging aspect here. The manual process of invoicing and billing clients depending on their usage of the VoIP PBX system becomes quite slow, tedious, and complicated.

The solution here is using a reliable VoIP billing solution. Some VoIP Softswitch providers offer an open-source VoIP PBX with an integrated open-source telecom billing system. This integrated solution will not only overcome challenges related to manual billing, but it will also help in bypassing challenges related to compatibility between a retail VoIP Softswitch solution and a VoIP billing solution.

4. Failover and load balancing

Even if the VoIP Softswitch providers provide the most robust retail switch, it is possible to face some disruption in the operations or hardware. To deliver uninterruptible VoIP service to clients, the business VoIP providers must deal with load balancing and failover-related issues.

When you choose the right provider along with the right open source VoIP PBX, you can have a cluster setup. The cluster setup can create a reliable setup that can withstand all challenges related to failover and load balancing


Similar to any other VoIP business, a retail VoIP switch solution also has some challenges that need to be dealt with. From technical expertise to the right approach, reliable open-source telecom billing system, and much more need to be in place to take complete advantage of a feature-rich VoIP PBX system as explained here.

ASTPP offers class 5 Softswitch software along with FreeSWITCH billing and some other add-ons. It provides a smart platform to overcome all challenges and run a successful retail VoIP business.