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Secrets to Create a Success Strategy with ASTPP

  • October 13, 2021

ASTPP has been catering to business VoIP providers with its open-source telecom billing solutions for more than 13 years now. It means it has been proven its worth as a leading VoIP billing software solution for businesses like an international VoIP wholesale provider, VoIP service providers, etc. Moreover, it has something more to offer to help you define a better success strategy.

In this article, we will share 4 major secrets to create a successful strategy with ASTPP.

1. It works with an add-on system

The major advantage of ASTPP is that it is the only add-on-based system, whether you look at other open-source VoIP PBX or open source VoIP billing systems or if you look for a third party class 5 Softswitch software system, you will not get this add-on system anywhere other than ASTPP. 

Add-ons make sure that the core code of the platform does not get disturbed if you add additional features or functionalities. This can reduce efforts as the developer does not need to check the core code every time new functionality is added.

2. It gives a one-stop-shop

Unlike earlier, ASTPP is not just a FreeSWITCH billing platform anymore. It has an array of VoIP solutions to offer such as fax server solution, class 4 Softswitch software, VoIP PBX, etc. This can help you make a winning business strategy. Instead of using the ASTPP VoIP billing solution or just IP PBX software, you can use multiple systems offered by this powerful software. A business strategy with added VoIP solutions can take your VoIP service provider business to the next level. 

3It has training programs 

ASTPP is a huge solution. It has a wide array of add-ons along with core solutions. Moreover, its community keeps on adding different add-ons to this software. If you are not using the enterprise version, you may not receive technical support from experts. In this case, you will need to try your hands on your own on this software. You may miss some of the important functionalities offered by this powerful platform. You can opt for a paid training and certification program offered by ASTPP experts. This can give an insightful look at this smart VoIP platform, so you can make a better success strategy.

4. It is highly flexible

Another interesting secret of this software is it is a highly flexible solution. You can integrate any software into this platform. Moreover, you can create a high availability solution with a cluster setup. You can create a cluster of each component of this platform such as database, core software, etc. This can make sure you have the most reliable PBX or a class 4 Softswitch or a FreeSWITCH billing system or any of the solutions you use of this smart VoIP platform.


These are four major secrets of ASTPP, which is a popular smart telephony platform. Instead of using just an open-source telecom billing or IP PBX solution offered by this platform, use its full potential. Use the information shared in this article to create your success strategy with ASTPP. If you need any help, Contact us.