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VoIP Trends to Foresee in 2022

  • October 19, 2021

The past two decades have been revolutionary in the global VoIP market. This has grabbed many eyeballs on the trends of the VoIP industry and many VoIP solutions like class 5 Softswitch software, open-source VoIP PBX, etc. 

If you are also interested in exploring the top VoIP trends to foresee in 2022,  Here we will share it.

Major VoIP trends that would be ruling the VoIP industry. 

1. AI will be the next big thing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has paved its way to all industry verticals, then how can VoIP be an exception. Natural Language Processing (NLP), speech analytics, self-serving options, conversational AI, and many more tools have found their applications in one or more VoIP solutions. For example, intelligent or hybrid call distribution in a class 4 Softswitch software solution is one of the examples of AI in voice over internet protocol systems.

2. Add-on system

Right now, all VoIP systems except ASTPP work in a traditional way of offering a single system. To add new features or functionalities to this kind of software, the developer needs to build a system and integrate it with the main system. This may affect the normal working of the core solution. Unlike this, a new trend of the add-on-based system in the VoIP solutions will come. For example, if someone is using an open-source VoIP PBX system and he wants to use an open-source telecom billing or the FreeSWITCH billing system, then all a developer needs to do is build an add-on and install it. This will make the whole process of managing an integrated system simplified.

3. Smart VoIP assistants

We all are aware of Google Assistant, Siri, etc. This type of smart assistant will be integrated with the VoIP solution as well. For example, if someone is using a class 5 Softswitch software system and he or she needs to make a call to a specific extension, he or she can take the help of a smart VoIP assistant. Likewise, forwarding the call to the voicemails and sending voicemails to the email addresses depending on certain conditions. All this can be done with smart VoIP assistants and this is going to be one of the major trends in the VoIP industry.

4. Rise in omnichannel communication

A majority of VoIP systems are used to enhance communication and collaboration for end-users and businesses. Traditionally, the VoIP systems and people using VoIP solutions like an open-source VoIP PBX system use a single communication channel. However, in the past few years, the trend of using omnichannel communication in VoIP solutions has increased and this will be one of the leading trends to foresee in 2022, too.


Knowing the major VoIP trends can help you leverage the latest trends in your favor. For example, if you are using a Multi-Tenant IP PBX, this is the time for you to look for AI and smart VoIP assistant integration with this software. Keep these major trends in mind to match the pace with the shifting world of VoIP.

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