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Everything You Need to Know SIP Trunking Solution

  • December 23, 2021

You might be already using the SIP VoIP telephony system, but you are less likely to be aware of it until and unless you are one of the VoIP service providers. Here, we will cover more details about SIP trunking solution and all the important aspects related to it that you must know. Even if you are one of the business VoIP providers, or class 5 Softswitch software providers, knowing this information can help you grow your business.

Let’s explore all information regarding SIP Trunking Solution


1. SIP trunking is a modern way of telecommunication

It is a branch of telephone network connected to the internet for telecommunication. It replaces traditional telephone lines with SIP trunks and uses internet protocol to conduct calls. All VoIP communication solutions from class 4 Softswitch software to IP PBXVoIP PC dialer, etc. use SIP trunking to support a modern way of telecommunication.

2. SIP trunking is for businesses

Due to several advantages offered by VoIP providers offering SIP trunking, many people get allured to use it. However, it is more beneficial to use for businesses to handle business communication. Of course, there are some VoIP service providers that offer these solutions to residential users on a monthly subscription basis. But, businesses can gain more advantages from using an Open Source VoIP PBX and SIP trunking.

3. SIP trunks make it easier to connect dispersed business branches

There are many companies that have multiple branches and each uses ISDN. SIP trunks can be used to connect these branches with a modern telecommunication solution like an IP PBX system. Centralized control over all communication channels and activities in different branches is also facilitated by SIP.

4. Some SIP trunks are not compatible with an existing PBX system

If you are running a business for long and not using SIP trunks with class 5 Softswitch software or any other SIP VoIP calling solution, then you must be using ISDN for business communication. As per the top wholesale VoIP service providers, some SIP trunks are not compatible with ISDN or the legacy PBX system. In this case, either you need to give up on your existing telecommunication infrastructure or you need to buy SIP trunks that are compatible with the legacy PBX system at a certain level.

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5. It helps you save money

The main advantage of SIP trunks that have increased users is cost saving according to the top international VoIP wholesale provider. SIP stands for session initiation protocol, which uses internet lines to initiate a call session. It can traverse video, text, voice, and data. SIP trunks and calling using it is way cheaper than ISDN. It reduced call costs significantly.

Wrapping Up

The VoIP industry has been budding for decades and thousands of businesses are using one or more SIP VoIP solutions like  IP PBX Solutions. Still, SIP trunking is something many businesses and people don’t know. Knowing it can help in gaining cost benefits. It also can enhance your understanding of using this powerful business communication tool to increase returns.

We offer a smart telephony solution that offers all advantages of SIP trunking for businesses. Contact us to learn more about SIP trunks, smart telephony solutions, and other interesting tools that can benefit your business.