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What Are the Strategies to Improve Call Performance with VoIP PC Dialer Software?

  • December 20, 2021

Many professionals and businesses use PC dialer software to handle business communication. One of the major advantages of using this dialer software for PC is, it can reduce expenses and also doesn’t need professionals to share their personal phone numbers. Along with the common benefits that it offers, a PC phone dialer can also help in improving call performance. 

Some of the strategies that you can use to improve call performance with a VoIP PC Dialer Software :

1. Use high bandwidth internet:

All calls carried out using any VoIP solution, whether it is a VoIP PBX or a call dialer for PC, use the internet to initiate, conduct, and end calls. It uses the internet bandwidth for voice calling and video calling. The first thing to do to improve call performance with a PC phone dialer is to have a high bandwidth internet.

2. Put VoIP traffic on priority:

When you use multiple devices and solutions, it will share the network and can delay your VoIP call traffic going through a VoIP PC dialer. This delay is also referred to as latency in technical terms by top business VoIP providers. Latency can degrade VoIP call performance and quality. You can overcome this issue by prioritizing VoIP call traffic over other devices and software like Asterisk billingVoIP router, etc.

3. Use cabled connection over WiFi:

Using a cabled connection can actually contribute to improving call performance with VoIP dialer for PC. WiFi can give lower internet bandwidth compared to a wired connection. Thus, if you want to improve call performance, you must use a cabled connection to your PC through which you are using a desktop dialer.

The cable should also be of good quality. Top VoIP service providers use CAT 5 or higher to provide a seamless and flawless calling experience. If you are using a free VoIP dialer for PC, then you will need to take care of this aspect as well to enhance call performance.

4. Use paid PC dialer software

If you can invest, you must get a paid PC telephone dialer to enjoy better call performance. Usually, a free VoIP dialer for PC is offered by the top VoIP service providers for their own branding. They develop standard features in it, but they don’t optimize the PC dialer for performance. They also don’t provide configuration to help you enhance performance. On the other hand, when you buy a licensed mobile dialer for PC, the provider will provide configuration along with an optimized Softphone. This can help in improving call performance.


VoIP PC Dialer Software is available for free, but investing in an optimized desktop dialer can help in improving call performance. Other than that, it is necessary to use a high-quality internet and SIP line. Prioritizing VoIP traffic can let you enjoy enhanced call performance. These simple-to-follow strategies can make a huge difference in call performance and calling experience. 

If you are interested in white label dialers, we offer a PC dialer with white labeling and call performance optimization. Contact us to know more about our dialer for PC.