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Smart VoIP Solution Benefits Startup

  • January 7, 2020


The VoIP technology is something that nearly all businesses rely on for communication in today’s world. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is nothing but a communication solution that allows businesses to make and receive voice calls using an active internet connection instead of a regular copper phone line. The smart VoIP solution enables businesses to communicate over the internet, thus eliminating the dependency on landlines and cellular data. VoIP communication technology digitizes sound in the form of small packets and transmits them over the internet. If you have made voice calls or video calls using Skype, WhatsApp or Hangout, then you have already experienced the true potential of VoIP.

It is a common myth in the market that the smart VoIP solution is only for large corporate, big businesses, and MNCs. However, this is not true. The smart VoIP solution offers extensive benefits to startups and small businesses as well.

Given below are a list of benefits that the smart VoIP solution offers to startups and small businesses:

1) Reduced costs

One of the major and most crucial benefits of using the smart VoIP solution is that it is cost-effective. The cost involved in the installation, setup, and maintenance of a smart VoIP software is minimal, which makes it quite affordable. The traditional landlines and fixed line phones typically charge the business a monthly rental fee, as well as the calls made, would be charged on a per minute basis. With VoIP technology, businesses are charged only a monthly bill by the ISP for the data used or the routes bought for international calling. Going in with the smart VoIP software helps startups to lower their communication costs for both domestic as well as international calls. This cost saving ultimately adds to the bottom line of the company.

2) Worldwide accessibility and portability

VoIP isn’t just confined to the four walls of the physical office, but can be used from anywhere across the globe. The only requirement for using smart VoIP software is an active internet connection. This ubiquitous nature of VoIP technology is extremely beneficial for remote employees and teams of a startup company as it enables them to stay connected with their colleagues and clients from any part around the world.

3) Multifunctional nature

There is a lot more to the smart VoIP solution than just making and receiving voice calls. The smart VoIP software has multiple features like instant messaging, SMS, audio and video calling, video conferencing, teleconferencing, file transfer, voicemail, so on, and so forth. In addition to this, startups and small businesses also get access to additional features like call transfer, call recording, call waiting, phonebook, call logs, call history, the last call redial, caller ID, virtual numbers, DND mode, auto-attendant and many more. This makes the smart VoIP software a perfect and complete communication solution for startups.

4) Simplicity

The smart VoIP software is extremely simple to use due to its user-friendly interface. Even employees that do not have any technical know-how can use the smart VoIP software without any difficulty.

5) Security

The smart VoIP solution is extremely reliable in comparison to the traditional analog telephony system. It has sophisticated encryption and authentication systems in place which make it quite secure. Smart VoIP software also have some advanced mechanisms to protect the system from fraud or hack attacks.

6) Scalability

The core nature of any business is to expand. This is no different for startups. As a startup grows, the smart VoIP solution enables them to add more lines to the existing setup. Also, if by chance a business wants to scale-down, the lines can be removed easily. Thus, the smart VoIP solution enables startups and small businesses to adjust according to their requirements.

Considering the above benefits, it would be apt to say that by using the smart VoIP software, startups and small enterprises can save a lot of money, which will ultimately add to their profits. These cost savings can be used by them to expand their business in the long term, rather than investing in old redundant technology.

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