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Softswitch and Calling Card with VoIP Billing System for International Calling Business

  • January 27, 2023

VoIP based telecommunication tools are redefining business communication by empowering telecom service providers. Using different VoIP and telephony solutions, telecom service providers can benefit different end users and businesses and also generate revenue. Latest technology trends and advancements have invented more reliable and flexible versions of traditional tools. A Softswitch and calling card with a billing system can help these service providers to run international calling businesses to make their mark worldwide and augment their ROI models. 

The Softswitch and calling card with a billing platform is made up of three different VoIP solutions. 

VoIP Softswitch solution 

Types of Softswitch

There are two different types of VoIP Softswitch solutions and both of them are needed to run an international calling business: 

  1. Class 4 Softswitch 
  2. Class 5 Softswitch 

A class 5 VoIP Softswitch is used to run a retail VoIP calling business and it provides actual calling services. The VoIP calling card solution gets integrated with the class 5 Softswitch. This helps telephony service providers to offer both end to end business phone systems and calling card based communication systems. 

The class 4 Softswitch software has a unique role to play and it is a must have system in international VoIP business. A class 5 VoIP Softswitch system gets integrated with the class 4 Softswitch. The class 4 Softswitch solution is responsible for transmitting calls and other types of VoIP traffic to international destinations. At the destination, it might be connected with class 4 or retail Softswitch or a calling card solution to provide retail or international calling services. 

Calling card software 

The calling card business has been in existence for many years. With advancements in a VoIP calling card solution, telephony service providers can run international calling businesses in a more streamlined and profitable manner. You can use it to manage calling cards and even offer prepaid and postpaid calling services. This platform can be connected with either class 5 or class 4 Softswitch software to efficiently run an international calling business. 

VoIP billing system 

When a telecom service provider runs a business with powerful class 4 and class 5 Softswitch solutions along with a calling card solution, data would be massive. There will be multiple calling cards, several customers, multiple providers, high call volumes, different CC routes, different call routing rates, and more.

Moreover, in addition to that, telephony service providers also employ reseller models to streamline the management of international businesses and to expand their reach into new geographical regions, offering excellent services. All this can make it quite complicated to manage invoices and billing of this business. 

Here comes the best and feature rich VoIP billing software into the picture. It automates creating rate cards, subscription packages, customer usage tracking, managing customers and resellers, sending invoices, and processing online payments. That means the billing system will automate more than 90% of operations in the international calling business. 

How does a Softswitch and calling card with a billing system work for international calling businesses? 

Softswitch and Calling Card with a Billing System

A Softswitch and calling card with a billing platform is a comprehensive system that is made of four large scaled telephony solutions as mentioned earlier. This international calling business can have various revenue generation models to serve global customers. We will briefly explain one of the most common ones, with some variations, hereunder.: 

  • International data transfer: Here data can be VoIP calls, media, or any other type of data that gets transferred between international touchpoints. Whether a telephony service provider offers calling card services using calling card software or retail calling services with a retail Softswitch solution, the class 4 Softswitch solution will be needed. 
  • Retail calling: International travelers usually connect VoIP calling cards to the VoIP calling card platform. On the other hand, class 5 VoIP Softswitch gets used to meet business communication needs for local businesses and clients. Sometimes, the calling card software solution and class 5 switch get united to provide business phone and calling card services to businesses. Various models meet international calling needs for businesses and end users in the retail market.

A telephony service provider can integrate multiple business models, increasing revenue through three major platforms. The VoIP billing software would play a pivotal role in keeping track of all call and VoIP traffic and billing customers based on different criteria. 

This can be a huge business model along with some challenges in setup and implementation. These solutions automate jobs, allowing the provider to focus on strategic business decisions for growth. These solutions automate most jobs, enabling the provider to focus on strategic decisions for growth and increased revenue.

How to get a VoIP solution to run an international calling business? 

Different VoIP Solutions to Run An International Calling Business

As mentioned earlier, this business model involves four different VoIP solutions. For this, there are two options: 

  1. Custom software development: A provider needs a VoIP software development company that can develop a custom solution for the business. 
  2. Integrated system: You can get third party or open source VoIP solutions. You can integrate these solutions to create a comprehensive business VoIP solution. The VoIP software development company can help in integrating these VoIP solutions. 

Providers can choose to build and run international calling business based on their business model, budget, and other factors.

Concluding notes 

In conclusion, a Softswitch and calling card with a billing system can help in generating multiple revenue channels. The opportunities in the international calling market are abundant and a VoIP provider can grab it with the right VoIP solutions like class 4 and class 5 Softswitch solutions, a calling card software solution, and a VoIP billing system. 

We can help you get the right software, set it up, and launch a seamless, growing business. To know more, contact us.