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Importance of Switch Monitoring in VoIP Business

  • September 10, 2019

There are a wide variety of VoIP businesses that keep this and many other industries working. Two major businesses that work as a backbone of the VoIP industry are wholesale VoIP and retail VoIP calling businesses. Both of them use the VoIP Softswitch solution. Also, there are some systems that need to take care of the calling business and they use switch solution or similar VoIP solution to run their businesses.

With every good, there comes a bad and the VoIP industry is not an exception in it. There are some malicious activities that harm businesses and that’s why precautions and security become necessary. For better understanding toll frauds, DoS attacks, DDoS attacks, etc. are common threats in the industry. To make sure the VoIP businesses are safe and sound from these types of threats. You need to get a reliable solution.

The Switch monitoring is one of the most widely used security system available for VoIP solutions. It is also commonly known as VoIP system monitoring. It shows live data on the

  • Ongoing calls
  • Registered SIP devices and
  • Gateways

The Switch monitoring is one of the add-ons available for users of the smart telephony platform, ASTPP. It provides a live view in a graphical format so the admin or supervisor can review ongoing activities. In case of any suspicious activities, the immediate actions can be taken to stop causing big harms.

Of course, the fundamental use of the Switch monitoring is to keep eyes on the ethical and controlled use of the services and to assure all types of hack attacks are denied. This is indeed necessary for the business to save monetarily and reputational losses.

The fact to note here is that the Switch monitoring of the smart VoIP solution is not restricted to the suspicious activity monitoring and controlling the same, it can also be used to assess the performance of the system. The good and expected performance of the system and switch assures that the customers receive uninterruptible and quality services. This further helps in assuring customer delight and retention. This is necessary in the world where the competitors are increasing fiercely and lurking to sneak away your leads.

There are multiple switch monitoring solutions available in the market. You must use any one for your business. As mentioned earlier, the ASTPP: smart telephony solution also has a switch monitoring as an add-on. This can be added in any VoIP solution or used along with the ASTPP itself to leverage the benefit of the top class smart VoIP software.

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