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Top 3 Reasons Additional Security Is Vital in VoIP Business

  • November 19, 2019


ASTPP 4 offers advanced security tools such as fraud detection, alerts and notifications, etc. to assure this smart VoIP solution and telephony infrastructure of the users of the ASTPP are safe and secure. However, there are many people that think the normal security such as having a consolidated password is enough and they do not need any additional security mechanisms. Some have already asked us, why we have consolidated security mechanisms?

First of all, let me clarify, ASTPP is a secure solution and all its earlier versions are also safeguarded to keep its users protected and so does data stored in it. Then, why have we added security mechanisms? Read on to know the answer.

The first and foremost thing all VoIP software and application users need to understand is that security is vital in the VoIP industry. If you are an end user, it is important, but if you are a service provider, it is mandatory to add advanced security mechanisms.

 Top 3 reasons to add additional security tools or systems to make it consolidated:

1. To Safeguard Sensitive Data

Whether you use a smart VoIP solution like ASTPP 4 or you use any other VoIP software such as a mobile SIP Dialer, in any case, the solution will be used for communication and / or collaboration. The mode aka channel of communication can be anyone, but still, you and your users may pass confidential or private information during communication. Also, they may save sensitive information such as their credit card details to make payment for the used services or contact details of their known people. If the system gets hacked which is common in the VoIP industry, all data stored in the system will be compromised. The hackers can misuse the information and there are many consequences of data loss.

2. To Prevent Monetary Loss

A majority of VoIP businesses run on the fact of providing calling or any other type of communication services and charging customers for these services. If hackers attack the system, they are more likely to perform malicious activities such as toll fraud or they charge customers and auto deduct money from their saved payment details. All these are hazardous situations and can make you bankrupt. Thus, it is necessary to add additional security tools to assure your VoIP software, infrastructure, and all other information stored in it is safeguarded.

3. To Secure Brand Image

When a system is compromised, whether it is recovered within an hour or it takes some days to get recover, the reputation of the company is put on stake. Customers may sue the company or start writing negative reviews on social media about the company and its services. Some countries have very strict laws and it can seal the company.

In a nutshell, even if you are in the position of a victim as your system has got hacked, you may face a worse time. As the VoIP industry is getting popular, it has attracted hackers to hack systems. Thus, to keep your business safe and running, you have to keep the system protected.

By keeping all these factors in mind ASTPP 4 has introduced consolidated security tools. To know more about it, please contact us.