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ASTPP 4.0: A Revolution Begins

  • June 12, 2019

The brand new version of ASTPP is launched at the memorable event. This version is named as, ASTPP 4.0: A Smart TelePhony Platform. As per the insights shared at the event, this solution is going to bring a revolutionary change in the VoIP industry. In this article,

 you will learn about the top 3 reasons which prove how ASTPP 4.0 is a revolutionary product.

1. One Stop Solution

ASTPP is a one stop telephony solution. It provides the telephony solution which is segmented into two parts:


The ASTPP core is the central system which provides all features earlier versions of ASTPP had with enhancement to increase productivity and revenues of the business.

ASTPP Add-ons

It will have a wide range of add-ons, which are fundamentally a complete system. For example, Multi tenant IP PBX solution is one of the add-ons available to be integrated in the ASTPP. The custom add-on can also be developed and integrated in the ASTPP.

This characteristic of ASTPP 4.0 allows the VoIP service providers build an ecosystem of business on a single platform. They don’t need multiple solutions to be switched back and forth and maintained separately. All solutions can be made available in the ASTPP. That is why it is named as A Smart TelePhony Platform.

2. Affordable for all with quality

ASTPP is an open source VoIP solution and it is available for free. The minimum system specification of ASTPP is also very low which make it affordable for any startup or a business with low budget. The ASTPP 4.0 has also introduced the enterprise version in the industry, which will have some premium add-ons and support services to be offered to the customers of the ASTPP. One thing to be kept in mind is that the ASTPP 4.0 is quality assured by executing more than 3000 test cases for functional and nonfunctional accuracy.

3. Open Platform for Talented Developers

ASTPP 4.0 is also an open source system and as per the shared details, it will always be an open source system. It means the talented developers can contribute to the enhancement and empowerment of this smart telephony platform. They can also build add-ons and submit those for quality assurance to the ASTPP maintainers. The add-ons which are up to the mark will be added in the list of community add-ons which will be made available for free. The ASTPP team will also make sure to pass the credit to the developer of the add-on. Furthermore, ASTPP also provides a platform to earn bread and butter to many VoIP companies and freelancers without any big investment.

End Notes

ASTPP 4.0 will touch various lives in the VoIP and Telco industries. It will provide the one stop solution to the businesses and it will provide a platform to earn bread and butter to many VoIP developers. It eliminates the need of having multiple solutions and provides one whole system which provides automation, efficiency and security.

ASTPP 4.0, indeed, is going to bring a Revolution in the VoIP industry.