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Asterisk Billing – Top Features and It’s Usages

  • December 3, 2021

A VoIP billing solution like Asterisk billing can be developed in either Asterisk or FreeSWITCH. Some popular and powerful open-source VoIP billing platforms like ASTPP billing also use OpenSIPs along with FreeSWITCH. The role of a VoIP billing software system in any VoIP business is very important.

Thus, This software is available with different options. VoIP open source billing platform often uses Asterisk as the core technology to build the whole platform. To give you a closer look at an Asterisk billing platform, we will share the top features and usages of a VoIP billing solution developed using Asterisk. It can be proprietary or an open-source billing platform.

Top features of Asterisk billing platform:

1. Customer management

A proprietary or an open-source telecom billing platform supports different types of customers like postpaid, prepaid, business or home users, etc. An Asterisk billing system lets VoIP service providers categorize and group different customers based on different criteria.

2. Rate group and/ or tariff creation

In any VoIP business, VoIP providers need to charge customers depending on the package they have subscribed to. The customers also receive services depending on the package they have opted for. To automate billing using the top VoIP open source billing software, the billing platform also provides a feature to create custom and unlimited rate groups and tariff plans.

3. Automated invoicing and billing

To remove the hassle of manually invoicing each client or sending bills, The Best Asterisk billing will automate the process of invoicing and billing. The invoice will be automatically sent to customers depending on the set criteria.

4. Payment gateways

The retail and wholesale VoIP billing solution provides payment gateway support to let customers pay bills online. Usually, Asterisk-based open-source telecom billing solutions offer PayPal as a common payment gateway. 

Top Usages of Asterisk-based VoIP billing software:

The Asterisk-based billing system can have multiple usages. Let us explain three major ones.

1. Retail billing

This system can be used along with an IP PBX, VoIP PBX, or class 5 Softswitch software to automate invoicing and billing of retail clients.

2. Wholesale billing

A wholesale VoIP billing solution gets used to automate the billing of customers using a class 4 Softswitch software solution.

3. VoIP billing service

The open-source VoIP billing system can also be used by the business VoIP providers, VoIP service providers, and wholesale VoIP service providers to offer a VoIP billing service to their customers.


A proprietary or open-source billing solution can be an Asterisk or a FreeSWITCH billing platform depending on the core technology used to build that billing system. The Asterisk-based billing system has been in the market for many years as Asterisk is a pioneering technology in the VoIP world. Asterisk-based billing platforms offer all major features and can be used in multiple arenas by VoIP providers across the globe.

The ASTPP VoIP billing solution was originally developed using Asterisk. Later on, it got transformed into a smart billing platform using FreeSWITCH and OpenSIPs. The ASTPP billing platform has an array of advanced features to offer. Contact us to know more about ASTPP and its billing platform.