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FreeSWITCH Billing Solution – Top Advantages for Your Business

  • December 13, 2021

Using a VoIP billing solution is common in all VoIP businesses. Thus, there are multiple types of VoIP billing software solutions available in the market. The FreeSWITCH billing solution is one of the most popular forms of VoIP billing solutions. We will share the major advantages of having a FreeSWITCH-based billing solution over its counterparts.

What is FreeSWITCH billing?

When a proprietary or open-source VoIP billing solution is developed using FreeSWITCH as core technology, it is known as a FreeSWITCH billing or FreeSWITCH-based VoIP billing platform. 

Advantages of having a FreeSWITCH based billing solution for your business:

Whether you are an international VoIP wholesale provider or one of the popular business VoIP providers, you will need to use a proprietary or open-source billing solution. Using a FreeSWITCH-based system has multiple benefits to offer.

1. Performance

FreeSWITCH-based open-source telecom billing platforms offer four to ten times higher performance compared to Asterisk billing. It can support 500 concurrent calls with the same infrastructure, using which Asterisk billing can support 250 concurrent calls only. This type of performance benefit is beneficial to all wholesale VoIP providers, VoIP service providers, business VoIP providers, etc.

2. Stability

FreeSWITCH-based open source VoIP billing platforms are designed in a way that shared resources get managed by the core features via a layered API and each call is handled independently having its resources. This provides higher stability to the platform.

3. Scalability

One of the major advantages of using FreeSWITCH VoIP open source billing software is its high scalability nature. You can create a cluster of each component of the billing platform. This helps in speeding up the scale-up process and supports high scalability. 

4. Failover support

Creating an HA (High Availability) cluster solution using a FreeSWITCH-based open-source telecom billing solution can help in creating the most reliable failover and recovery mechanism. As each component can have its cluster, failover, and recovery become quick and easy.

5. Flexibility and compatibility 

FreeSWITCH is versatile VoIP technology. Thus, it makes sure all platforms developed using it are flexible enough. It can be integrated with any VoIP solution like class 5 Softswitch software, class 4 Softswitch software, open-source VoIP PBX software, etc. It also supports integration with any third-party software or APIs, which makes it versatile in use.

6. Cost benefits

FreeSWITCH-based retail and wholesale VoIP billing solutions provide better performance using the same infrastructure and resources. It needs a minimum configuration to support 500 CC. It helps in saving a lot on hardware and infrastructure. The FreeSWITCH-based billing platform has quite affordable maintenance costs compared to its counterpart.


FreeSWITCH-based billing systems are more robust, reliable, scalable, and resourceful. Along with exceptional performance, they also provide several cost benefits and customer loyalty-related advantages. The ASTPP VoIP billing solution is also a FreeSWITCH-based VoIP solution that can be used with any VoIP software regardless of its platform or technology. Let us explain how it can benefit your business in a call. Contact us to book a demo of ASTPP billing software.