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Top Reasons Mobile SIP Dialers Are So Popular

  • March 30, 2021

Mobile SIP Dialers have been in the industry for many years. Earlier, ITSPs and multinational companies used to use a mobile SIP dialer, which is also known as a SIP Softphone for smartphones and mobile devices. However, nowadays, the popularity of this communication tool is increasing like anything. Along with the ITSPs and MNCs, other companies and businesses have also started using this communication tool, and more and more are looking for a reliable and feature-rich mobile SIP dialer.

There are several reasons behind the massive popularity of a mobile SIP dialer. I will share some of the major reasons behind the popularity of this SIP Softphone with or without white labeling:

1. Reduced expenses

One of the major reasons, people use mobile SIP dialer for communication is reduced expenses over communication and collaboration. Whether an individual or a company using this communication tool can save money by reducing expenses and save money, which can be used strategically. This app uses SIP-based calling, which is why its name is SIP dialer. SIP to phone calls is cheaper as the call gets initiated, conducted, and ended over the internet protocols. Unlike traditional calling, which uses physical lines for calling and makes communication an expensive affair, the mobile SIP dialer offers a cheaper option for communication and collaboration. Moreover, an app to app call will be completely free, which makes it the most effective and cheapest tool for internal communication and collaboration. International calling becomes cheaper, which makes it a vital tool for professionals and businesses dealing with international customers and partners.

Many companies choose to use a white label mobile SIP dialer because it is a one-time investment for companies to get the white label SIP dialer, after that, they can use it for unlimited users. This helps them gain several branding benefits.

2. Rich communication features

The communication features offered by a SIP Softphone for smartphones vary from provider to provider, but each will have rich communication features. It helps in enhancing business communications as well as boosts collaboration opportunities. Therefore, using a mobile SIP dialer is becoming one of the popular trends among consultants, businesses, and other professionals. Some of the major features available in this communication tool, which enriches business communication and collaboration, are listed below:

  • App to app calling
  • Conference calling
  • Phonebook
  • Call recording
  • Call transfer
  • Call hold and retrieve
  • Call logs
  • Last call redial
  • In-app recharge option
  • And many more

3. Remote communication and collaboration

Another major reason behind the popularity of the mobile SIP dialer as a communication tool is the flexibility of communicating from anywhere, at any time. The traditional tools for communication either do not support this facility or they do not have the required features to support rich business communication. A PC dialer is an alternative of the SIP dialer for smartphones, but a PC dialer cannot be used remotely. To use its features, one needs to sit in front of the computer system. Therefore, the mobile SIP dialer is considered as the best communication tool as it can be used remotely using the smartphone of the user.

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