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Top Transformations ITSPs Need in 2021

  • March 23, 2021

ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers) usually cater to global customers with their reliable and robust internet telephony services. ITSPs either work in the wholesale or retail industry and in some cases, in both, retail and wholesale industries. As time progresses, the ITSPs also need to take some steps to advance their business. In this blog, we will talk about the major transformation that ITSPs need in 2021 and must think about it seriously.

1. Upgrade the software

Many ITSPs would think that they already have the best and the most advanced software and therefore, there is no need of other software. However, hang on and read. Technology inventions are faster than ever before. Every year, some amazing features and solutions get released such as a smart telephony platform, ASTPP, which is the most advanced solution for ITSPs. Even if it is already in the advanced stage, it gets multiple version releases in a year. Adopting the advancements or switching to the most advanced VoIP solution is necessary to keep growing. Always remember, a successful business is not the one that keeps getting steady revenues, but the one that keeps increasing the revenues and customers. To achieve this, gaining a competitive edge is necessary for which one needs to regularly update the software.

2. Add an added channel of revenue generation

As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to increase revenues exponentially year by year. To increase revenues, one thing ITSPs can do is add another revenue generation channel. For example, if an ITSP uses a class 4 Softswitch solution to offer wholesale VoIP services, adding retail calling services using a multi tenant IP PBX solution and offering mobile SIP dialer and PC dialer as add-ons can help in improving business and revenues.

3. Update website

Your website is the first interaction with your future customers. Therefore, keeping it updated and appealing is necessary. Add the latest information, keep it mobile-friendly, and if possible, change the theme to the latest one. It is necessary to impress first-time visitors to explore more and ultimately inquire to you.

4. Add more activities to nurture the customer relationship

Acquiring new customers by adding more revenue generation channels is necessary. Along with adding new customers, it is also necessary to retain the existing customers. Delivering excellent customer service is necessary. Using a reliable and feature-rich help desk ticketing solution can help you track tickets and improve the areas to reduce the number of tickets. Using the highly scalable solution can assure that your system delivers 99.98% of SLA (Service Level Agreement) to delight your customers. You should also add some more activities such as email marketing, social media engagement, etc. to keep your customers happy with your services.

These are the major changes and transformations that your businesses need and you must focus on the same, being a growing ITSP.

If you need a smart telephony platform that lets you stay competitive and help in adding additional revenue generation channels with ease, contact us.