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Top Reasons to Automate Tax and Other Charge Calculations

  • November 24, 2020

Nowadays, VoIP business has reached much wider audiences across borders as businesses are not restricted to certain geographical areas. Using smart VoIP software, businesses can cater to global customers. However, when you expand your business internationally, you need to keep into account that, pricing models and strategies will change. Some additional charges will get added such as:

  • Value added tax (VAT)
  • Country wise communication tax
  • Regulatory fees
  • And more

For example, running a business using class 4 Softswitch in Asian countries and European countries will need you to build completely different pricing models. There are many disparities in taxation and regulation for VoIP businesses, which demand clear automation in charging taxation and other charges.

This is the straightforward and the most important reason to automate calculating taxation and other charges using a powerful VoIP billing solution.

VoIP billing solution available in ASTPP enterprise solution has some really advanced features, which let you create unlimited rate cards and plans. Using this billing solution, you can define a one-time as well as recurring charges. This is another thing to consider. Taxation and charges can be recurring or one time. For example, some taxes need to be paid only ones such as installation fees. However, some charges are recurring such as some taxation, currency conversion charges, etc. Keeping all intricate information into a standard format and putting manual resources for calculating and making invoices would waste a lot of time. On the other hand, automation of calculating all different charges and taxes can ensure that system will do the needful.

Accuracy is another reason to automate the calculation of tax and other charges. In any VoIP business, there can be hundreds of users. Even if someone has fewer customers, making bills by counting all of the following is a complicated job:

  • Subscription cost
  • Additional usage cost
  • VAT
  • Other recurring charges

Putting a human resource to create bills in a VoIP business can cause possible errors in billing. To ensure, there is zero error in the bill automating the invoicing and billing process becomes necessary.

One more reason to automate the calculation of tax and other charges using a VoIP billing solution is the ease of use and instant changes. Taxation slabs are not static. They change often based on various factors. If you use an automated invoicing solution like ASTPP, which calculates all charges and taxes automatically, then making changes would be really easy. For example, changing charges of multiple taxes would be a matter of a click. Unlike manual billing system, in which manual resources need to make changes at different places and verify that; then, performing all calculations manually.

In a nutshell, when you are offering VoIP services to international customers, investing in a VoIP billing solution, which can automate invoicing and billing is recommended. You can also use a single system, which lets you provide various VoIP services and automatically bill the customers. This solution is an ASTPP enterprise solution. Contact us to book a free demo and trial.