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Top Reasons VoIP Telephony Businesses Must Use ASTPP

  • May 5, 2020

ASTPP 4 has been in the market to benefit diversified businesses. The VoIP telephony business owners can gain the maximum benefits from this smart VoIP solution. Are you running a VoIP telephony business? Or are you thinking to start a VoIP telephony business? If an answer to any of these questions is yes, you must read this article to know about one of the most powerful VoIP telephony software that you just cannot overlook, named, ASTPP 4. In fact, ASTPP 4 is an ideal choice to run any VoIP telephony business. Read on to know the top 4 reasons to use it.

1. Powerful Tool

It is an extremely powerful tool to run small, medium, or large scaled business. It not only provides a platform to run a VoIP telephony business with a class 4 Softswitch or an IP PBX solution, but it also provides many more features, functionality, and VoIP software. One can use this tool to thrive in a successful business. You may start with running a VoIP telephony business in a segment, but then can embark on multiple businesses to increase revenues and revenue channels. It has an amazing range of add-ons that let you access a pool of software in your language as it is a multilingual system.

2. Easy to Acquire

Unlike many other solutions, you do not need to go through a whole pile of steps to get the software. If you want to use an open source version of it, all you need to do is download, install, and set it up to acquire it. Of course, a wise choice is investing in the ASTPP enterprise version. To get that, all you need to do is fill in the contact form, the ASTPP team representative will reach you to guide further. The team will take care of installation and configuration for you.

ASTPP enterprise version is also easily available as one can get it with flexible payment models. You can buy one by paying the license fee in quarterly or monthly installments. Isn’t it amazing?

3. Easy to Use

ASTPP 4 is a multilingual solution. It supports English, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, German, French, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese languages. As we all know, having a system in the native language makes it effortless to understand. Having different labels, navigation, etc. in your native language will make operations easier by giving a better understanding of the software. Moreover, it has a simplified and user-friendly user interface, which makes it even easier to use. Clear documentation on the use of ASTPP 4 is available to further assist the ASTPP 4 users with their operations.

4. Easy to Maintain

ASTPP 4 is developed with a clear objective of providing a smart telephony platform that is easy to operate yet powerful. To achieve this objective, the ASTPP community made all operations easier, including its maintenance. Moreover, if you are using ASTPP Managed Services, then the whole part of maintenance will be handled by ASTPP experts.

In a nutshell, ASTPP 4 has powerful features, multiple add-ons, excellent user interface, outstanding support, and affordable acquisition models. This is an ideal solution to run any VoIP telephony business.