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Trending Technology of SIP Recording : A Smart TelePhony Platform

  • March 22, 2022

SIP is an acronym of Session Initiation Protocol. A Session depicts a real time conversation between two or more parties. Here the conversation can be a voice call, video call, message exchange, or data exchange. Initiation depicts the start of the session or conversation. The protocol defines the set of rules followed by the VoIP service provider that provides SIP calling or SIP recording software to the end users.

SIP call has been in the industry for many years and now the trend is also increasing like anything. The VoIP solutions provide multiple options to record SIP calls such as:

  1. From the trunk side, record calls or conversation
  2. Record calls at extension level with a SIP recording server

There are multiple other options available that let the service providers record calls and other forms of communication that are carried out using SIP trunks or SIP based VoIP solutions.

The trending technology is gaining popularity due to multiple reasons.

1. Simplified way of SIP recording

Unlike earlier, now SIP calls can be recorded very easily using a SIP call recording server or a SIP recording open source or a third party platform. In fact, a majority of VoIP solutions provide recording as one of the inbuilt features. The easy access to the technology makes it more trending among businesses.

2. Better quality assurance

The technology is now in its mature phase. Thus, the quality of the recording will be of high value. For voice calls, one can record calls in either stereo or mono to meet business needs. The best VoIP solution providers can even separate a video and an audio stream. Thus, the quality of the recorded files is guaranteed.

Moreover, this process also helps in improving process quality and quality of service. The recorded calls can be reviewed for quality assurance. The corporate executives will also be conscious about the way they handle customers as they know the calls are under screening. This helps in improving the quality of service in any business.

3. Simplified way to store recording files

The files can be heavy, but with the improving technology, it has become easier to compress the size of the files. Moreover, the cost of a SIP call recording server is quite affordable compared to traditional times. You can also use cloud storage instead of a SIP recording server to get advantages of space optimization and pay as you go model.


SIP trunk based solutions are now more feature rich and reliable. Thus, the technologies that abide by SIP trunking are getting into a mature phase to benefit their users. SIP recording is one of the mature technologies that have been advancing businesses in a positive direction.

Using the right tool and server architecture for SIP and storing recording files can be beneficial.

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