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What to Expect from Your VoIP Solution Provider?

  • July 28, 2021

VoIP solutions are gaining massive popularity among end-users and businesses because of the wide array of benefits these solutions have to offer. Usually, businesses prefer to use feature-rich communication and collaboration tools like an IP PBX solution or a fax server solution. Businesses also require a lower cost of communication. All of this is possible by using a VoIP solution.

When you are going to buy or rent a VoIP solution or a smart telephony platform, you need to know what you can expect from your solution provider. Often businesses end up paying more or getting disappointed because of conflicts in the scope of work and actual offerings. As the VoIP solutions are ready to use, there is no formal scope of work to expect and this worsens the situation. To avoid disappointments and conflicts, in this article, we will share what you should expect and demand from a VoIP software provider, regardless of the fact, which VoIP solution you are going to use.

1. Setup and installation

As per the industry norms, the cost of the setup and installation of a VoIP solution or a smart telephony platform is included in the cost of the software. You do not need to pay additional for that. The provider will install and set up the solution with standard configurations. If you need some additional configurations, then you will need to pay extra.

2. White labeling 

All VoIP solutions cannot be white labeled, so if you are looking for a white label smart telephony platform, then you must check that first with the provider. Often, white labeling a VoIP solution will cost additional and it is necessary to discuss pricing for the same at the time of the initial discussion.

3. Product training 

After installation and setup of a smart VoIP telephony software solution, the VoIP solution provider will arrange a product walkthrough session. In this session, a team member of the VoIP software provider will give you the training and an overview of the software. He or she will also share how to use this platform to its full potential in the training. Some VoIP solution providers also offer paid product training such as ASTPP training and certification programs. During the paid training session, you can learn more than what the post-installation training includes. If you need a technical understanding of the product, you should opt for technical product training.

4. Post-installation support

A majority of VoIP software solution providers offer free support after the installation of this product. This free support can vary from a few days to a few weeks depending on the provider and complexity of the product. Not all companies offer post-installation support for free, so it is necessary to cross-check this with your VoIP software provider before buying the product.

These are the major four things that you can expect from your VoIP telephony platform provider.

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