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Why Is ASTPP A Preferred Solution for Internet Telephony Service Providers?

  • August 9, 2021

ASTPP stands for A Smart TelePhony Platform and this smart telephony platform has been a favorite solution of many industry verticals. It has been in use in almost all industry verticals, but some industries use this software more profoundly. That is why this software has become one of the preferred solutions in these industries. One of the industries that use this software majorly is ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers). 

ASTPP is one of the majorly used and preferred platforms in the global ITSP industry. Here, we will share why ASTPP is so popular and has become one of the preferred solutions for ITSPs across the globe.

The key reason why ASTPP is the preferred solution for ITSPs:

1. It is a one-stop shop for the ITSPs

The first and foremost reason behind the massive popularity of ASTPP is that it is a one-stop shop solution for internet telephony service providers. Usually, ITSPs offer more than one service to their customers using multiple internet telephony systems. For example, to run a business as a wholesale VoIP service provider, ITSPs need to get a class 4 Softswitch solution. To add business telephony services, the ITSPs need to get a multi tenant IP PBX software system. To add one more service, the ITSP needs to add one more VoIP solution in its technology infrastructure. This, as one can sense, becomes quite complicated to manage multiple technology products and solutions as well as to manage multiple vendors as the same vendor may not have all required VoIP solutions.

Unlike all this, ASTPP is a one-shop stop solution for ITSPs. It has all VoIP solutions as either core features or as add-ons. The ITSPs can use these features and add-ons to run different services. They do not need to deal with multiple vendors as a single platform as everything an ITSP needs is available in ASTPP. As per the business plan, ITSPs can add the VoIP solutions on the single platform of ASTPP and run and manage all businesses from this single platform.

This is the major reason behind the popularity of ASTPP as a preferred solution for ITSPs.

2. It has affordable purchase models

ASTPP open source version is available completely free. However, to access all the amazing add-ons and core features, an ITSP needs to use the enterprise version of this smart telephony platform. The enterprise version of this software can be purchased by selecting any of the following models:

  • ASTPP Self Hosting
  • ASTPP Managed Services

Depending on the access to the technical skills, one can choose any of these two models. Compared to the features and solutions it offers, ASTPP is a very affordable solution. Moreover, the ASTPP has some arrangements to assure flexible payment models to benefit all scaled ITSPs.


These are two major reasons that contribute to the popularity of ASTPP as a preferred solution for any internet telephony service provider. There are some more reasons that make it an ideal platform for ITSPs. Contact us to explore all reasons and more information about ASTPP.