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ASTPP vs. Sippy Softswitch: Which Is Better?

  • June 2, 2022

ASTPP vs Sippy Softswitch: Which Is Better?

Overall ASTPP Sippy Softswitch / SippySoft
  • ASTPP is available in two editions:
    1.Community (Open Source)
  • This gives an opportunity to businesses to choose any of the solutions based on their business needs and budget.
  • Businesses can even kick-start their venture without investing a penny with the #1 open source VoIP platform based on FreeSWITCH.
  • The VoIP service providers or businesses that need access to the complete smart telephony platform can use the enterprise edition.
  • Sippy Softswitch is only available as an enterprise solution. There is no option of open source class 4 Softswitch solution, open source VoIP billing software, or any other open source VoIP platform.
  • It means the users have to invest in the VoIP Softswitch software to use it.


Overall ASTPP Sippy Softswitch / SippySoft
  • ASTPP is renowned for its user friendly and intuitive web interface that delivers an excellent user experience.
  • Even if it is a smart telephony platform with an array of add-ons, it can be used easily.
  • Configuring basic functionalities or adding a new add-on within the ASTPP is very simple and quick to learn.
  • Using ASTPP can reduce the time and the learning curve for the team, which makes it a highly user friendly platform.
  • SippySoft also has a web interface, but you have to make some configurations and for that, you need technical or coding acquaintance.
  • You need to create filters in reports, which demand XML development know how.
  • Configuring a call routing strategy such as LCR is quite complicated with this platform.


Overall ASTPP Sippy Softswitch / SippySoft
  • ASTPP has an automated VoIP billing solution based on FreeSWITCH.
  • It automates the billing process completely.
  • Sippy Softswitch users don’t have an option of automated billing, you need to fetch data and send invoices manually.


Overall ASTPP Sippy Softswitch / SippySoft
Provider Billing
  • ASTPP has an inbuilt provider billing solution.
  • This solution lets the VoIP service provider tracks how much he owes to the providers.
  • It does not support provider side billing. That is the whole manual process.


Overall ASTPP Sippy Softswitch / SippySoft
  • ASTPP has transcoding in the most basic to advanced license versions. It means all users can benefit from transcoding features.
  • ASTPP supports transcoding of the following codecs:
      1. PCMA/PCMU, G.723, G.729a/b, OPUS, VP8, H264, H263
  • SippySoft does not support transcoding at all.
  • Instead of transcoding, it uses a pass-through mode.
  • The pass-through mode passes the codecs received from customers through the system to the vendor without transcoding.


Overall ASTPP Sippy Softswitch / SippySoft
  • ASTPP supports white label open source VoIP platform by offering an array of custom branded features to configure branding elements:
    1. Logo
    2. Favicon
    3. Domain
    4. Header
    5. Footer
  • Sippy Softswitch does not have an option to white label your VoIP Softswitch solution.


Overall ASTPP Sippy Softswitch / SippySoft
Billing Management and Invoices
  • ASTPP has the most advanced VoIP billing software based on FreeSWITCH.
  • Along with automated billing, it also supports a real time billing feature.
  • ASTPP enterprise version offers a real time billing feature, which ensures that the customer balance never reaches the negative value like other VoIP billing software solutions. It rather disconnects the call when the customer’s balance hits the bottom.
  • ASTPP also supports multiple other modules along with its billing to let clients check month wise billing:
    1. Invoices Download
    2. Charge History
    3. Refill report
    4. Commission report
  • SippySoft has two billing management services
    1. Payment history
    2. Invoice
  • Sippy Softswitch doesn’t provide any additional features for billing.
  • Moreover, even to use the invoice module, users need to fetch data and manually send invoices.


Overall ASTPP Sippy Softswitch / SippySoft
  • ASTPP documentation is updated with new features and details regularly to provide up-to-date information to users.
  • For more than 2 years, the documentation of Sippysoft is not updated./li>


Overall ASTPP Sippy Softswitch / SippySoft
  • ASTPP has integrated Fail2Ban to safeguard this platform against brute force attacks and other suspicious activities and attacks.
  • In addition to Fail2ban, ASTPP also has a fraud detection add-on, which is a comprehensive VoIP fraud detection and management software solution.
  • Depending on various fraud detection rules, it blocks access or calls from different countries, prefixes, etc.
  • This platform does not have any integrated security means.
  • The only restriction to provide protection to the system is IP restrictions, CPS, and user credentials.


Overall ASTPP Sippy Softswitch / SippySoft
Calling Card
  • This smart telephony platform has an integrated add-on for the calling card system.
  • It is easy to use the calling card solution available in this platform that is empowered with added features and benefits.
  • Calling card process configuration and management are simplified in ASTPP.
  • ASTPP has a configuration to prioritize calling card numbers over DID numbers. This makes it easy for users and eliminates dependencies from DID numbers.
  • Sippy Softswitch supports a calling card system.
  • However, the process of configuring calling cards in this platform is intricate and involves multiple steps and processes.
  • It means the calling card configuration process is not only intricate, but also tedious and slow.
  • In the SippySoft platform, calling card numbers are dependent on the DID numbers for call routing.