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Usage VoIP Billing Solution – Everything You Need to Know

  • June 20, 2022

A majority of businesses that use one or more VoIP solutions to run a business or to track the usage of the platform use a VoIP billing software solution. There are different types of solutions available for billing in this industry, but there are some facts that you need to keep in mind while using it.

Some facts that you need to keep in mind while VoIP billing solution.

1. Use the best VoIP billing software

The first recommendation is to use the top VoIP billing solution. You can find a range of options in third party and open source platforms that offer billing and invoicing for your VoIP solutions like a class 4 Softswitch solution, class 5 Softswitch software, fax over IP solution, call center software, etc. You must choose the system that has the best and most advanced features. Moreover, the company offering this system must constantly add new and important features to the software.

Selecting a FreeSWITCH billing software solution is highly recommended as it will make your system more scalable and robust.

2. Integrate with your VoIP solutions

Once you select the best VoIP billing software solution, the first step is to integrate it with your VoIP solutions. You can use the same billing system for one or more VoIP solutions depending on the license. Using an open source VoIP billing solution will resolve the issue of licensing.

3. Create rate plans

The best FreeSWITCH billing open source solutions provide rate card and package plan creation. This will help with billing clients based on the selected rate plan. You must configure all rate plans that are part of your business.

4. Add all recurring charges

The leading open source VoIP billing solution provider also incorporates a recurring charge feature into their billing software. This can be taxes, service charges, maintenance charges, table fees, etc. You must add these recurring charges to your plan based on the configuration feature available in your billing platform.

5. Must use real time billing

Not all, but the best and the #1 open source VoIP platform based on FreeSWITCH provides the real time billing feature. You must use the platform that supports real time billing and integrate this feature into your billing system to take advantage of the profitable billing process. 

6. Take advantage of automation

A majority of billing solutions in the VoIP industry provide automation features. The #1 open source VoIP platform based on FreeSWITCH automates billing, invoicing, and payment processing with its automation features. You must configure and use these features to save time and other resources spent on audit, billing, invoicing, and collection.

Concluding notes

In conclusion, nowadays, the VoIP billing platforms provide the most advanced billing and invoicing features to the best VoIP service providers. Understanding all the features of this software and not compromising on important aspects such as development technology, real time billing, etc. can help in maximizing the advantages reaped from this solution.

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