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Top Ways White label SIP Softphone Boosts VoIP Business

  • May 13, 2019

Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) is a popular term these days and customers of the ITSP demand for the BOYD support as part of the VoIP services, they receive from the VoIP service providers aka ITSP. One of the most popular tools here is the Mobile SIP Dialer. According to the Global Industry Analyst Report published by TMCnet, the mobile SIP dialer aka SIP Softphone industry will reach business of more than 217 million US Dollars by the end of the year 2019. The mobile SIP dialer is a mobile application which runs via SIP and allows its users to make and receive calls to any VoIP, DID, landline or mobile phone numbers.

There are some open source mobile SIP dialer applications available for free in the market. However, for the ITSP and VoIP service providers, it is advisable to get a white label mobile SIP dialer application. The white label mobile SIP dialer helps in leveraging many benefits to the businesses and ultimately boosts the VoIP business. Let’s explore more.

The top 6 ways white label mobile SIP dialer boosts the VoIP businesses:

1. Delight customers

The customer satisfaction and happiness are the primary reasons of using the mobile SIP dialer in the VoIP business. You can provide what your customer needs by offering the mobile SIP dialer solution to them. You can also customize the mobile SIP dialer to meet specific communication needs of your customers to increase the customer retention.

2. Create your business brand identity

The white label mobile SIP dialer will have elements of your company brand. This way every time your mobile SIP dialer is used by your customers, not only they, but also people around them will get exposed to your brand. Everyone will get to see your offerings and you can increase the brand reach. This will result in more word of mouth publicity which is the best way of marketing.

3. Increase business

The mobile SIP dialer is an additional weapon in the arsenal of the VoIP service provider / ITSP. It can be offered as a part of offering or it can be offered as a paid add-on based on your business model and competition. In both cases, you will receive more revenues. The custom and white label mobile SIP dialer with tailored features will clutch the existing customers by providing quality calling services and mobility. This will also result in getting more references to generate more business.

These are the top 3 ways the white label mobile SIP dialer benefits your business. There are many more benefits such as cost effective solution, complete control, privacy and security and many more. To know more about how the mobile SIP dialer solution can benefit your business, contact us.

4. Branding and Customization

A white label mobile SIP dialer allows you to customize the app with your brand logo, colors, and design elements. This branding creates a consistent and professional image for your business. Additionally, you can tailor the app’s features and functionalities to meet your specific requirements, providing a personalized experience for your users.

5. Increased Mobility and Accessibility

Mobile SIP dialers enable users to make and receive calls using their smartphones or tablets, granting them the flexibility to communicate from anywhere. By offering a white label mobile SIP dialer, you extend the reach of your VoIP services and cater to the growing demand for mobile communication. This increased mobility and accessibility contribute to better customer satisfaction and user engagement. 

6. Advanced Features and Integration

White label mobile SIP dialers often come packed with advanced features such as video calling, call recording, presence management, and instant messaging. These features enhance the overall communication experience and make your VoIP services more competitive in the market. Additionally, the integration capabilities of a white label mobile SIP dialer allow seamless interoperability with other business applications and systems, streamlining workflows and boosting productivity. 


By leveraging a white label mobile SIP dialer, your VoIP business can benefit from strengthened branding, increased mobility, and access to advanced features. These advantages contribute to improved customer satisfaction, expanded market reach, and enhanced competitiveness in the dynamic VoIP industry.