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Why Do Businesses Prefer ASTPP As a Complete VoIP Solution?

  • September 24, 2021

ASTPP a Complete VoIP Solution is an acronym for A Smart TelePhony Platform. It has been catering to wholesale VoIP service providers for many years. In the past few years, it has started benefiting more businesses. The businesses that use this VoIP system refer to it as a complete VoIP solution. 

Let us share the top reasons that make ASTPP a complete VoIP system for any VoIP business.

1. Wholesale VoIP solution

If a business needs a VoIP solution that provides a wholesale switch to run a business as an international VoIP wholesale provider, then ASTPP is a perfect solution. It has the most advanced wholesale VoIP Softswitch with advanced call routing rules to benefit the wholesale VoIP providers.

2. Retail VoIP solution 

Along with catering to wholesale VoIP service providers, the same VoIP system can be used to provide retail VoIP services to businesses and end-users. This VoIP system has a VoIP PBX system. This can be used to run a business as one of the business VoIP providers. This VoIP PBX can also be used to meet communication and collaboration needs for business. 

3. Other VoIP solutions

ASTPP is renowned to offer an array of VoIP solutions to businesses. From VoIP PBX to fax server solution, calling card software, DID numbering system, IT help desk ticketing solution, etc.; this VoIP system has all solutions that VoIP service providers or other businesses would need. They do not need to look for any other VoIP system or VoIP solution for this.

4. Excellent billing solution

ASTPP offers a FreeSWITCH billing system, which is also an open-source telecom billing system. All business VoIP providers and international wholesale VoIP service providers need a VoIP billing system. The FreeSWITCH billing system offered by ASTPP automates invoicing and billing processes for businesses. They don’t need to look for a third party or an open-source telecom billing system to integrate into the VoIP PBX or wholesale Softswitch.

5. All solutions within a single platform

As mentioned earlier, this VoIP system has all types of VoIP solutions that a business needs to run a successful business in the VoIP industry. It reduces efforts of buying, managing, and maintaining multiple VoIP solutions. A single VoIP system is sufficient to handle all VoIP jobs, which makes it a complete VoIP solution for businesses.

6. Open source and enterprise solutions

Some people like to buy an open-source VoIP PBX or open-source telecom billing system. On the other hand, some business VoIP providers find it more beneficial to use an enterprise or proprietary VoIP system. ASTPP has both open source and enterprise versions. Some of the add-ons and core features are open source systems such as open-source telecom billing, open-source wholesale switch, etc. are open source. On the other hand, VoIP PBX, FoIP, fraud detection, etc. are enterprise solutions.


ASTPP is preferred by businesses and referred to as a complete VoIP solution because it meets all needs of all businesses within a single platform. Want to know more about ASTPP? Contact us.