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Why Enterprises Must Switch to IP PBX?

  • August 11, 2020

In any business, communication is an inseparable part. Generally, traditional telephony is used for communication. However, enterprises must switch to an IP PBX solution. An enterprise can leverage a wide array of advantages by adopting an IP PBX solution for communication over the traditional system.

If you are still wondering whether to switch to it or not, here are the top 5 reasons to switch to an IP PBX solution:

1. Business communication features

Traditional telephony has some standard communication features. Enterprises are growing businesses and some standard communication features cannot be sufficient to match the growth. Thus, enterprises must adopt the tools and solutions that support their growth pace. An IP PBX solution loaded with a wide array of features provides business communication features such as voicemail, call transfer, phonebook, interactive voice response, call forwarding, 3-way conferencing, etc.

All these features and many more can support the growing enterprises and their communication needs.

2. Enhance collaboration

Communicating with customers and prospects is important for an enterprise. Moreover, it is equally important for an enterprise to provide a system in place for team members, so they can communicate and collaborate. Formal meetings or desk to desk conversations often waste the time of key personnel as well as there are some restrictions. An IP PBX solution lets businesses use a well organized internal communication and collaboration system with intercom support. One-to-one calling is free with this VoIP software.

An IP PBX solution also lets team members collaborate from remote locations. Thus, it helps in reducing any and all barriers to providing reliable and robust communication and collaboration system in an enterprise.

3. Reduce expenses on communication

Telecommunication with the traditional system is expensive, especially for long-distance calls. On the other hand, free solutions often create issues such as noise in the line, advertisements, low call quality, call disconnection, data theft, etc. Enterprises usually have calls or conference calls with local and international customers and they need to handle the communication with high quality. At the same time, they also need to make sure that expenses are under control.

An IP PBX solution uses SIP calling features. Thus, calling is often free or costs very less compared to traditional telephony. This helps enterprises to have local or long-distance calls without investing a lot in communication.

4. Communicate remotely

Enterprises usually have employees working from a remote location or traveling abroad to meet customers. Moreover, there can be some natural disasters to deal with such as the pandemic people are dealing with right now. An IP PBX solution is a web-based application, which can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Thus, team members can access it remotely. Moreover, it has some features such as Find Me, Follow Me, Call Forwarding, etc., which further helps in making sure important calls are answered.

In a nutshell, an IP PBX solution is a must adopt the solution for any enterprise. It elevates the growth of the company.

ASTPP offers multiple communication solutions in its enterprise version. A multi tenant IP PBX solution is one of them. Contact us to know more about it and other solutions.