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Signs You Need a Support Ticketing Solution

  • August 4, 2020

A support ticketing solution is a software solution that lets you manage various support requests automatically and in an even more organized manner. Often, the bothering question is not the one that which of the support ticketing solution to be bought, but when is the right time to invest in it? In this article, you will learn about the top signs which indicate you need a feature-rich support ticketing solution.

1. You offer technical support services or customer care services

Let’s make it straight. You need this software only if you offer technical support services for your products or you offer some sorts of customer services. If your business is not related to IT, technical products, or similar industry, then you will not need it. However, similar to more than 90% of businesses, which offer technical products, services, or post-sales customer care services need this software. If you are part of the VoIP or telecommunication industry, you must get this software as soon as you start your business or as soon as you get to know about it even if you have fewer customers.

2. It becomes difficult to maintain the communication chain

Generally, businesses offer support service-related communication via any of the below-mentioned communication channels:

  1. Web forms
  2. Email
  3. Phone or online calls

If you have long email threads or other tools via which you find it difficult to communicate, it is the sign, which indicates that you need a support ticketing solution.

3. It becomes tough to locate a request in a spreadsheet

Still, there are many companies, which use a spreadsheet to manage customer support details. Using a spreadsheet is very easy for sure. Moreover, adding an online spreadsheet help your team to see changes made by each other. However, if you are facing issues of overlapping information or the same customer issue is getting handled by more than one engineer or if it becomes difficult to manage all support requests in a spreadsheet, then it clearly means you need a support ticketing solution.

4. Flow of ticket is quite high

In businesses like retail stores, telecommunication, VoIP, call centers, etc., the flow of support requests is often very high. If you are also operating in any similar industry, then you must get this software. Even if you work in any other industry, but if the flow, aka volume of support requests is high, then you must get a feature-rich support ticketing solution.

5. You cannot extract analytical data easily

It is very important to review the support offered to different customers. From billing customers for the offered support for making important business decisions, every important business move can be taken if you have access to analytics. Traditional tools such as email, spreadsheets, etc. cannot process the volume of data and cannot give the required insights. If you are at the stage of business or running a business of nature, in which, you give more emphasis to data and its analytical representation for quick review and decision making, you must get a support ticketing solution.

If you are part of the VoIP or IP telephony industry, ASTPP has brought various solutions in a bundle of one smart telephony platform. A smart ticketing solution is one of the offered software. Contact us for more details.