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Top Reasons to Embark Business in VoIP Industry

  • August 18, 2020

Entrepreneurs often keep eyes on lucrative industries to invest in or embark a new business in it. VoIP is getting into the position of giving the most fruitful business opportunity to invest in. In this article, we will give you the top reasons to embark business in the VoIP industry, which will leave no other way than getting into it. Let’s see what is so lucrative in this industry.

1. Communication needs are evergreen

A majority of VoIP solutions are related to satisfying the communication needs of businesses and individuals. Whether you talk about multi tenant IP PBX, which offers advanced communication features for businesses and SOHO; or you talk about class 4 Softswitch solution, which deals with routing massive call volume from source to destination; Or you are referring to calling cards, which offer cheap calling feature to individuals, each VoIP solution is aimed to meet communication needs directly or indirectly.

Communication is needed in both, personal and professional aspects of each individual. Thus, it is an evergreen business. Moreover, businesses are now going global, which increases the needs of cheap communication tools. Smart VoIP solutions offered by major players in the industry such as ASTPP can let you enter into this evergreen business and satisfy the needs of people.

2. VoIP has moved into the smart phase

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. It started with offering audio calling facility via the internet to provide cheaper communication. Gradually, it started covering more communication channels such as fax, email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc. Moreover, VoIP is moving towards smart phase. In simpler language, major players in the industry such as ASTPP have introduced smart telephony solution. It lets VoIP business owners run various businesses using a single VoIP solution. For example, traditionally, if a business owner wants to run business phone service and faxing services, he used to need three different VoIP solutions:

  1. Multi tenant IP PBX solution for business telephony services
  2. Fax server solution to offer faxing services
  3. VoIP billing solution to bill customers automatically

However, with the introduction of a smart VoIP solution, entrepreneurs get all major VoIP solutions within a single smart telephony solution and they can launch a new business with other VoIP solutions as one business channel gets stable.

In a nutshell, the latest smart telephony platforms like ASTPP let you embark a smart business in the evergreen VoIP industry.

3. Minimum investment required

A majority of VoIP businesses can run over software or web-based solutions. You can install them on a remote server or cloud space and manage them remotely. Moreover, the provider holds technical skills to take care of technical aspects. All these characteristics assure, you not only start your business with less investment, but also run with a limited budget. You do not need to invest a huge amount to set up the whole physical business with a team of experts. You can choose to use service from the provider on a need basis. Moreover, you do not need to invest in other expenses of hardware or team management. Also, by buying a one smart VoIP solution, you get access to multiple VoIP solutions to run different businesses.

All in all, the VoIP industry is in the mature phase and can let you have a flourishing business. Thus, this is the right time to embark business. Want more information? Contact us now.