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Why Should Businesses Switch to an IP PBX?

  • November 29, 2021

Communication is a fundamental need of any business. Usually, businesses use traditional telecommunication mechanisms. However, multiple VoIP-based communication solutions such as a class 5 Softswitch software, IP PBX solution etc. are available to meet business communication needs. 

If you are still using an old-age telecommunication solution, this is the time to switch to the IP PBX solution.

Let us share the top reasons to switch to this software.

1. Cheaper communication cost

According to the business VoIP providers, this VoIP software uses SIP VoIP-based technology for communication. It is way cheaper than PSTN calls. Internal calls can be carried out completely free. This reduces calling costs for businesses drastically. 

2. Advanced communication features

Unlike traditional telephony systems, the IP PBX software offers an advanced range of communication and collaboration features like call forwarding, call transfer, IVR, time-based call routing, conference calling, voicemail, reports, etc. Businesses can use data to enhance their business communication and make some business decisions.

3. Centralized control over communication ecosystem

The VoIP PBX solution also supports a multi-tenant model. The multi-tenant system lets a business create a centralized communication ecosystem that can be used in multiple branches but administered by the main central headquarter. 

4. Reduced expenses

The open-source VoIP PBX systems are available completely free. As you can guess, this can reduce expenses on software otherwise need to be invested. This VoIP solution according to VoIP service providers does not need any wiring or hardware. It is a software solution and can be accessed via computer or a smart device. It uses the internet protocol for calling, so no added wiring is needed. All this reduces the installation and setup cost. Moreover, as it is a software-based platform, it also reduces maintenance costs for businesses and business VoIP providers that use this software to offer VoIP service.

5. Remote communication

This software can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. The VoIP service providers offering this VoIP service also offer PC dialers and mobile SIP dialers to enable a wire-free communication experience. This assures the communication doesn’t stop in any case to keep business moving.

6. Increased productivity

The open-source VoIP PBX platform shows all call details in the report. Moreover, this software also has the option of call recording. This can help businesses assure that their team members make fair use of communication tools. On the other side, employees will be aware of getting logged for quality checks. Hence, they will work more productively and use all resources more resourcefully.

Concluding notes

The VoIP PBX solutions have been in the industry for many years, but the invention of feature-rich open source VoIP PBX has made it affordable for all businesses as it comes for free. Even if you use an enterprise version of an IP PBX solution offered by ASTPP, you can rest assured that your business will leverage several advantages from cost saving to high productivity, better business decision making, uninterruptible business communication, consolidated collaboration, centralized control, and much more. If you are interested in switching to PBX, contact us.