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Will Mobile SIP Dialers Takeover PC Dialers?

  • April 4, 2022

VoIP service providers offer different VoIP solutions to businesses, so business communication can be empowered and enhanced. Mobile SIP dialers and PC dialers are telecommunication solutions provided by the VoIP industry to simplify business communication. It eliminates the need of using a web app of any other VoIP solution such as a class 5 Softswitch solution or a multi tenant IP PBX system. Using any of the SIP dialer solutions, business communication can be continued.

Both dialer SIP solutions for mobile and dialer software for PC can have identical features and can be used by teamsś to communicate internally or with customers, partners, etc. The only major difference between both of these telephony software solutions is as below:

  • PC telephone dialer gets installed on the personal computer or laptop. It gets configured in the same system and that is why it can be accessed and used from that system only. 
  • On the contrary, dialer SIP for mobile gets installed on the smartphone and can be used using that smartphone on which it is installed and configured.

Depending on this common difference, you must have made a clear distinction between both of these communication solutions. Mobile SIP dialers have a clear benefit of remote and on-the-go communication, unlike PC telephone dialer solutions.

Does it mean PC dialers will be replaced by mobile dialers?

SIP Dialer

In one word, the answer is no.

Even if mobile dialers have the flexibility of carrying a phone along with you and using it for communication, many companies still prefer to use call dialers for PC. The reason behind the same is the needs and demands served by the dialer software for PC.

Smartphones of any employee may have more applications than just the Softphone to communicate with other users. This can cause an issue because employees are likely to get distracted by other entertainment or social networking apps or chat with their personal contacts using other instant messaging apps. This can cause a lot of issues and challenges in terms of productivity.

On the other hand, the mobile dialer for PC will have only business apps or each system might be under screening to ensure fair usage of telephony and other business solutions. This makes sure that none of the employees waste time or misuse the communication tool.

This is one of the fundamental needs of some businesses. Therefore, it is less likely that mobile SIP dialers will take over call dialers for PCs completely.


In conclusion, mobile VoIP dialers offer remote and field working advantages, but using them on PC is often a business necessity. Thus PC dialers will never be replaced by mobile based SIP dialer solutions.

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