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Best Calling Card Software – A Complete Guide to Choose for Your VoIP Business

  • February 27, 2022

For any business, finding the right tool is necessary. As there are so many options available for all software, VoIP service providers often get confused while looking for the right platform. In this article, we will share how any VoIP provider or business owner can find the Best Calling Card Software to run the business of calling cards.

1. Define the major features you need in your software

There are different types of features available in this VoIP calling software. Not all solutions offer all features. Thus, to make sure your software has all the required features make a list of must have features in advance.

Some of the must have features in your software are:

  • Bulk generation of VoIP cards
  • PINless and PIN authenticated cards
  • Insufficient balance alert
  • Call detail reports
  • And more

2. Collect proposals from major VoIP providers

Once you have defined the features that you need, you can look for VoIP Softswitch providers or similar VoIP providers that offer this platform with the features you need. Collect proposals and quotations to review features and better deals.

3. Compare features with your requirement list

Shortlist the top 5 providers depending on the features offered by the providers and the checklist of features that you have. You can also book a demo of the platform to see if the features are working as per expectations or not. You must also receive a quotation for a white-label calling card platform.

4. Check security mechanisms 

The VoIP solutions are likely to get attacked by hackers and frauds. Thus, it must have added security features. Your VoIP calling card solution must have an integrated VoIP fraud detection center.

5. Look for an integrated VoIP billing system

As you are going to run a business of international calling using these VoIP cards, you will need a reliable VoIP billing solution. If your provider offers a FreeSWITCH billing platform integrated with main software, half of the job is done in a hassle free manner.

6. Examine support contract

Your software will generate retail and international calling cards. To focus on your core business, you will need technical support from your provider. In this case, you need to ensure the support contract is flexible and affordable.


The VoIP industry has multiple business opportunities. Best Calling Card Software have been the top priority for businesses as many international travelers use these VoIP cards to stay connected with their colleagues, friends, and family. It is a lucrative business and by using the right VoIP calling card solution, you will be able to generate higher revenue.

As there are many VoIP card solutions, which appear similar to each other, you must follow the best practices shared in this article. From selecting a platform with the right features for ensuring flexible support service, and all other steps shared in this article are necessary for the right platform selection.

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