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Why Do Businesses Choose the FoIP Solution?

  • February 21, 2022

Business VoIP providers offer all sorts of tools to let businesses leverage a plethora of benefits. Fax over IP is one of the greatest inventions of the VoIP industry. Faxing via SIP VoIP lines has been made possible by FoIP solutions.

Already thousands of businesses are using fax over IP solutions and more are joining this group of happy businesses. Let’s explore the major reasons behind the massive popularity of fax over IP open source or proprietary systems.

Need of a FoIP Solution for your Business

1. Faxing is more reliable

In many industries like real estate, manufacturing, legal, etc., sending documents within stipulated time becomes vital. The traditional way of sending documents is slow and inefficient. The FreeSWITCH fax system makes sure that the faxes are sent to the recipients on time.

This system also provides acknowledgments of the status of the fax out of the following three:

  • Success
  • Failure
  • New fax receipt 

2. Enhanced faxing experience 

The FoIP Solutions offer multiple features to enhance the faxing experience of users such as:

  • Color fax
  • Customize header and end of the fax
  • Configuration with DID VoIP number
  • Integrate with ASTPP billing

All these and many other features of this platform add up to an elevated user experience.

3. Remote faxing adds flexibility

Due to several factors, businesses have started looking for systems that can be accessed and used remotely like cloud contact center solutions, cloud IVR solutions, fax over IP software, etc. Unlike traditional fax machines, which have to be used from the place it is installed, the faxing system or service offered by the VoIP service providers can be accessed remotely.

This adds up to speedier business operations and increases the popularity of this platform.

4. Low maintenance adds up to the popularity 

Similar to other VoIP software solutions, it is also a software platform. Thus, it is very low maintenance. Expenses related to machine installation, maintenance, fax stationery, etc. are eliminated. 

5. Increase security

This platform is more secure than the traditional system. The system can be password protected. Moreover, companies like ASTPP providers integrate VoIP fraud detection software. This helps in ensuring the higher security of the platform. Moreover, it ensures faxes are sent and received using this platform in a secure manner.


Businesses keep adopting advanced and reliable business tools to enhance their different operations. Communication in business is one of the most crucial aspects and it needs tools that are reliable, efficient, and accurate.

Investing in a FoIP solution helps in consolidating business faxing experience. It can make sure all faxes are attended by providing the notification of each new fax. It also gives acknowledgment of all successful or failed delivery of faxes.

The FreeSWITCH fax server solution eliminates bulky machines and required stationery. This not only adds convenience and flexibility of remote faxing, but also reduces expenses. Moreover, it contributes to a green environment.

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