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Benefits of Class 4 Softswitch as a Powerful and Robust Signaling Engine

  • December 17, 2021

Class 4 Softswitch solutions are among the key components of the telecom industry that drive efficiency and reliability. In fact, this VoIP solution sets the institutional brick for modern communication networks. These solutions play several roles in the SIP telephony segment. Certainly, one of the important roles played by this solution is as a signaling engine.

These Softswitch solutions serve as advanced signaling engines. They serve as the backbone of VoIP networks. Moreover, it offers a suite of powerful features and functionalities designed to streamline the routing and management of voice traffic across diverse carrier networks and geographic regions.

This Softswitch solution offers comprehensive traffic management and monitoring capabilities. Additionally, it enables service providers to monitor network traffic in real time, identify congestion points, and dynamically adjust routing policies to optimize performance. Certainly, with advanced reporting and analytics tools, service providers can gain valuable insights into network utilization, traffic patterns, and call quality metrics. As a result, it empowers them to make data driven decisions and deliver superior customer experiences.

At its core, this solution acts as a centralized hub for routing voice traffic between different carriers and geographical locations. Additionally, it serves as the primary interface for interconnecting various network elements, including class 5 Softswitch solutions, IP PBX solutions, media gateways, and IP endpoints. Generally, it enables seamless communication between users regardless of their location or network provider. With its sophisticated routing algorithms and intelligent traffic management capabilities, this Softswitch solution ensures efficient call routing, optimal network utilization, and high-quality voice transmission.

Traditionally, call routing was the only feature available in this Softswitch solution. However, the modern Softswitch solutions are much more capable and do several other functions. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the details of this solution as a signaling engine.

1.  Defining Class 4 Softswitch

Class 4 Softswitch Solution

It is a pivotal VoIP software solution that is responsible for the most important function of transmitting international VoIP traffic from carrier to carrier. Moreover, this solution manages massive traffic, which it receives from a set of carriers or retail service providers and transmits it to the destination carriers. As this solution manages wholesale call traffic, this solution is also referred to as wholesale VoIP Softswitch.

Traditionally, this solution used to offer only the least cost routing (LCR) strategy for international call routing with an aim to offer cheap long distance calling services. However, modern business requirements are different. Therefore, these solutions provide a whole unique range of call routing strategies. In addition to call routing, this software provides a range of features and functionalities. Lately, it signaling capabilities have gained a lot of popularity among retail service providers due to ease of availability, excellent accuracy, and increasing efficiencies.

Certainly, these platforms are built to handle large volumes of VoIP traffic. This characteristic makes them ideal for service providers seeking to expand their network capacity and accommodate growing customer demand. From routing calls between local endpoints to facilitating international long distance communication, these solutions offer the scalability and performance required to meet the evolving needs of service providers.

We recommend you read one of the most interesting blog posts covering cloud native wholesale switch. It is the latest solution and if used as a signaling engine, it has a great potential to help you grow at a rapid rate.

2.  Class 4 Softswitch as a Signaling Engine

A class 4 switch as a signaling engine is a crucial element in the telecommunications industry. Ideally, this solution is responsible for routing and managing wholesale call and voice traffic between carriers or service providers. Unlike retail Softswitch solutions that handle local connections to end users, this solution primarily manages long distance or international connection establishment and calls.

At its core, this solution acts as a bridge between different telecommunications networks to make cheap international calling possible. Moreover, it facilitates the exchange of voice traffic across various regions or countries. In short, as a signaling engine, this solution serves as a centralized hub where incoming traffic is received, analyzed, and forwarded to the appropriate destination network based on predefined routing rules.

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One of the key functions of this solution as a signaling engine is to optimize call routing. Certainly, this solution ensures efficient and affordable transmission of voice traffic over the Internet. It leverages sophisticated algorithms and routing protocols to identify the most optimal path for each call, considering factors such as call quality, network congestion, and cost.

Generally, this solution selects the best route for each call. Therefore, it minimizes latency, reduces call drops, and optimizes network utilization. Additionally, this Softswitch solution plays a critical role in maintaining call security and reliability. It incorporates robust security mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access. Moreover, it protects against potential threats such as fraud or hacking. Furthermore, these switches often support advanced features like call encryption and authentication to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of voice communications.

According to Sky Questt Statistics, the market size of the global wholesale voice carrier industry reached USD 30.7 billion in 2022. It is projected to expand further, reaching USD 35.34 billion by 2023, and is expected to surge to USD 108.85 billion by 2031. This growth represents a remarkable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.1% during the forecast period spanning from 2024 to 2031.

3.  Key Components of Class 4 Softswitch as a Signaling Engine

Wholesale Softswitch Solution

The key components of this solution depend on the primary function it is going to manage. As we are discussing its role as a signaling engine, let’s delve deeper into this segment and discuss the major components that are part of this solution.

Signaling Protocols

SIP is one of the popular signaling protocols. It can initiate, maintain, and terminate communication sessions in real time. Moreover, SIP helps in managing voice and video calls over IP networks.

SS7 is a legacy signaling protocol. Generally, traditional circuit-switched telecommunication networks use SS7. Moreover, it facilitates call setup, routing, and signaling between network elements.

Smart Call Routing

This solution employs sophisticated and smart routing algorithms, including Least Cost Routing (LCR), Quality-Based Routing (QBR), and Time-of-Day Routing. Moreover, this solution optimizes call routing based on factors such as cost, call quality, and network availability.

Interestingly, modern solutions also provide dynamic call routing features. This solution dynamically updates routing tables in real time based on network conditions. Certainly, it ensures efficient call routing and minimizes latency.

Network Interfaces

Conventionally, traditional TDM interfaces are utilized to interface with legacy PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) networks. For example, T1/E1 and DS3 are popular TDM interfaces. Moreover, it enables the seamless integration of circuit-switched and IP-based communication.

Likewise, VoIP networks relate to Ethernet or IP interfaces. Certainly, it allows the transmission of VoIP using protocols like RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol).

4.  Major Advantages of Wholesale Softswitch as a Signaling Engine

Class 4 Softswitch

There are several benefits of class 4 Softswitch solutions as a signaling engine. Certainly, we can discuss the five major benefits of this solution for carriers and service providers.

Enhanced Security

Undoubtedly, the integration of a robust signaling engine within this particular Softswitch solution provides wholesale VoIP providers with an invaluable tool. One of the major areas it improves is network security. This solution uses SIP topology, which has astounding protocol hiding capabilities.

Certainly, using the signaling engine with unique features, service providers can ensure that sensitive IP addresses remain concealed from potential threats. Therefore, it mitigates the risk of unauthorized access to network resources. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates advanced security features to offer comprehensive protection against cyber threats and unauthorized access attempts. For example, encryption protocols and intrusion detection systems are two popular features that safeguard the network and system.

Carrier-grade VoIP Services

The class 4 signaling engine empowers business VoIP providers to deliver unparalleled quality of service to their customers with its unique features. Certainly, this solution focuses on reliability, high availability, and performance.

In modern telecommunications networks, this cutting edge solution can meet even stringent demands. Moreover, it can even meet the dynamic requirements of retail VoIP service providers. Furthermore, it ensures seamless connectivity and crystal clear voice transmissions. This solution leverages state-of-the-art technology and industry leading standards. Moreover, this Softswitch enables providers to deliver carrier grade VoIP services that exceed customer expectations. In short, this solution can help in winning the hearts of all types of customers.

Streamlined Network Management

A wholesale VoIP Softswitch solution is equipped with sophisticated network monitoring and management features. Therefore, this innovative Softswitch solution enables providers to optimize network performance and ensure uninterrupted service delivery. Additionally, it offers real time visibility into network traffic patterns and performance metrics. As a result, the Softswitch empowers administrators to identify and address potential issues proactively, minimize downtime, and optimize resource utilization.

Through centralized management interfaces and intuitive dashboards, wholesale service providers. Additionally, they can streamline network operations and maximize efficiency. Undoubtedly, this results in improved service reliability and customer satisfaction.

SIP Proxy Support

A key advantage of this Softswitch solution as a signaling engine is its robust SIP proxy support. Unquestionably, it facilitates seamless communication across diverse network environments. The signaling engine harnesses the proxy server technology, which enables SIP telephony packets to traverse firewalls and other network barriers.

As a result, it ensures reliable connectivity and seamless call routing. Additionally, SIP proxy functionality enables dynamic address translation. This further simplifies network configuration and enhances interoperability between disparate systems and protocols.

Intelligent Call Routing

At the heart of any successful wholesale VoIP business lies intelligent call routing functionality. Interestingly, this signaling engine excels in this regard. Leveraging advanced routing algorithms and dynamic routing policies, the Softswitch enables providers to optimize call delivery based on multiple factors. For example, call volume, network congestion, and quality of service requirements are considered for dynamic routing of wholesale VoIP traffic.

Definitely, dynamic selection of call routes in real time has several added advantages to offer. For example, it ensures efficient utilization of network resources and maximizes call completion rates. Moreover, it results in assured superior call quality and elevated customer satisfaction.

Concluding Notes

In summary, the Softswitch solution discussed in this blog post serves as a centralized signaling engine in telecommunications networks. Therefore, it enables efficient routing and management of long distance voice traffic between carriers or service providers. Moreover, it makes all operations extremely seamless and of superior quality.

Besides quality of service and strengthened security, these solutions are highly flexible and scalable, which makes them preferable for wholesale VoIP businesses. They can keep growing without any concern for expansion.

In addition to scalability, reliability is another critical aspect of these Softswitch solutions. These platforms are engineered with redundancy and failover mechanisms to ensure uninterrupted service availability and minimize downtime. Moreover, leveraging redundant hardware configurations, geographic redundancy, and automatic failover capabilities, these solutions provide service providers with the confidence and assurance of continuous operation, even in the event of hardware failures or network disruptions.

A signaling engine provides dynamic call routing and signaling capabilities. This Softswitch solution facilitates seamless and reliable voice communication services on a global scale. Moreover, it offers features and advantages like optimized call routing, consolidated security, and enhanced network performance.

ASTPP offers one of the most advanced solutions to manage wholesale VoIP business. In fact, this solution helps in shaping the future of telecommunications by providing service providers with the infrastructure needed to deliver high quality voice services efficiently and reliably. With the assured scalability, reliability, intelligent routing, and comprehensive traffic management capabilities, class 4 Softswitch solutions of ASTPP offer a compelling solution. This solution is most reliable for service providers seeking to enhance their network performance, optimize their operations, and stay ahead in a competitive market landscape. If you are interested in learning more about this solution, contact us now.