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Benefits of Class 4 Softswitch as a Powerful and Robust Signaling Engine

  • December 17, 2021

To run a successful wholesale VoIP business, international wholesale VoIP providers need a reliable class 4 Softswitch software solution. ThisVoIP Softswitch solution has an array of features and characteristics to offer. One of the most popular features of this VoIP software is signaling with call routing, which is why some wholesale VoIP service providers and VoIP Softswitch providers refer to it as a class 4 signaling solution or engine. We are going to share more details about the signaling engine this Softswitch solution has and how it benefits VoIP providers.

Benefits of class 4 Softswitch software as a powerful and robust signaling engine:

1. Enhanced security 

The signaling engine of this type of Softswitch allows wholesale VoIP providers to take advantage of SIP topology hiding. This can be a great feature for security purposes. Hackers and attackers can attach directly to the network if they get access to the IP addresses forwarded into the SIP traffic. However, the robust signaling engine available in this wholesale VoIP Softswitch solutionhides SIP topology. Thus, it helps in enhancing the security of the network.

2. Carrier grade VoIP services

Class 4 signaling engine holds integrated capabilities, which help business VoIP providers to offer exceptional quality of service. It is renowned to offer carrier-grade VoIP services to customers. As it is one of the most robust and powerful solutions offered by the top VoIP Softswitch providers, it offers reliable and efficient services to each international VoIP wholesale provider that uses this software.

3. Excellent network management

This software gets developed with inbuilt network monitoring and management features. As carriers need to assure efficient, enterprise-grade, and secure VoIP servicofferings, a class 4 signaling engine with network monitoring and management features becomes necessary. It helps VoIP providers to offer reliable and quality VoIP services.

4. SIP proxy support

This is another amazing feature available in the class 4 switch with a signaling engine. It offers SIP proxy support, which is capable of bypassing a firewall when needed. The signaling engine of this switch uses a proxy server to allow SIP telephony packets to traverse through the firewall of the network. It is very useful in offering direct calling. SIP proxy also offers address translation to simplify calling within the network.

5. Intelligent call routing

The whole business of an international VoIP wholesale provider is dependent on different call routing features offered by this wholesale switch solution. The class 4 signaling engine offers multiple intelligent call routing features that can be used to cater to customers depending on their preferences and budget.

Concluding notes

The class 4 Softswitch software offered by the top providers has a powerful and robust signaling engine. That offers reliable security features to let VoIP service providers offer wholesale VoIP services in a secured manner. It also offers advanced features like intelligent call routing, network management, network monitoring, SIP proxy, topology hiding, etc. All these capabilities of the class 4 switch not only empower the providers by adding diversified offerings but also enhance client satisfaction.

ASTPP offers the most powerful wholesale switch with a signaling engine to empower business VoIP providers. Contact us to know more.