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ASTPP Add-on Can Be Real Contributor to Successful “Work from Home” Model

  • March 31, 2020

ASTPP 4 has been offering the best smart VoIP solution to enterprises to run their telephony service businesses across the globe. In the situation of the pandemic, companies have started working from home. In this situation, it is possible for companies to take the benefit of working from home. The “Word from Home” aka “Remote Work” model will help in stopping the spread of Coronavirus and COVID 19 as well as it can help in keeping the work ongoing with the same productivity. One of the major contributors to increased productivity is ongoing communication.

When the whole team works from home, they may need to communicate more than they do while working in the office. Increased communication in the “Remote Work” model may hamper the budget of the company. Here comes the ASTPP 4 at your disposal.

ASTPP 4 has gained popularity as one of the top smart VoIP solutions for the telephony and VoIP businesses. However, it is a multi-purpose smart telephony platform which can be used by any business. One of the add-ons which can be really helpful in tackling the situation of COVID 19 and to offer continuous yet cost-effective communication solution is Multi-tenant IP PBX.

This add-on has all features of an advanced IP PBX solution which offers SIP to SIP calling at affordable rated. For internal communication, the intercom can be really useful and cost-effective which is one of the features offered by this add-on. It has all types of communication features which can empower the team with simplified communication and collaboration.

This add-on has some tools which can help you monitor the use of resources. For example, call recording is one of the features available in this multi tenant IP PBX solution. It can let you record all calls so you can screen them for quality and performance. Furthermore, you can use the reports to see how this tool is used by your team and judge the fair use of resources.

Similar to the ASTPP 4, this add-on is available in multiple languages. At the moment, it supports the following languages:

  • English
  • Italian
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Romanian
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Greece
  • Russian

It means the businesses can use this SIP based business telephony solution in their native languages which will make it user friendly for the whole team.

ASTPP 4 is built to benefit all industry verticals with a wide variety of features and add-ons. Multi-tenant IP PBX is one of the add-ons available. There are many more that can help businesses assure the quality of work with a high productivity rate.

The ASTPP enterprise solution offers expert services along with the add-ons and solutions. The team of ASTPP experts will make the system up and running within minimum time. The enterprise version is available with easy payment models as you can pay the license cost in one go or in installments to be paid monthly or quarterly. Contact us to know more.