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Top 5 Tips to Improve Call Quality with Smart VoIP Solution

  • January 21, 2020

Since its inception, the VoIP technology is, it is garnering significant attention. The VoIP technology provides voice communication facility over the Internet Protocol Networks. Today, most of the regions in the world have access to an internet connection. In such a scenario, voice communication over the internet can be a faster and cheaper medium of communication. Businesses, particularly, have been benefiting from the smart VoIP solutions available in the market. However, the quality of communication may be hampered due to many factors such as faulty hardware or software. Hence, it is important to have a smart VoIP software which can perform various tasks efficiently. The following are a few methods to enhance the VoIP call quality.

1. Upgrade your Headset

No matter how good your smart VoIP software is if you don’t have a quality headset the quality of your audio will be bad. Badly insulated cables, long thin cords of low quality headphones can affect communication negatively. Also, it is advised against wearing a Bluetooth headset as other wireless devices can affect the quality of its audio. Switching to a better headset with short, well-insulated cables can provide good quality audio.

2. Switch to VoIP Router

It is common for businesses to have a common router for data as well as voice communication. If the router is not powerful enough to handle the traffic, it may lead to poor quality VoIP calls. Switching to a VoIP router will ensure that the voice calls are prioritized and their quality is not compromised. It is equally important to use an efficient and smart VoIP software to reduce the distortions caused by jitter.

3. Reduce WLAN frequency

The higher the frequency, the faster is the data transmission. A higher frequency can lead to dropped calls and poor audio quality. Its range is not satisfactory and neither is its reliability. By reducing the WLAN frequency of the wireless connection, the quality of the VoIP communication provided by the smart VoIP solutions can be improved.

4. Use a Cordless Device

Using a Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) phone would be an excellent fix. Although Ethernet is the most widely used and reliable connection for Smart VoIP solutions, at some point one will have to move away from their computer. Hence, using a mobile device, like a DECT phone which has a unique radio frequency, can minimize distortions caused by unwanted sources of noise. One can also use a mobile SIP dialer to receive excellent call quality.

5. Reserve bandwidth for VoIP

When business is performing VoIP tasks such as voice communication or multimedia sessions, the maximum bandwidth of the broadband must be reserved for the VoIP tasks to receive good call quality. This avoids interference from other tasks such as downloading files, startup programs and improves the quality of the VoIP calls. Care should be taken to limit the number of simultaneous calls as the bandwidth might not be able to support a large number of such calls. Alternatively, the bandwidth should be increased to take care of the call.

A smart VoIP solution can be an excellent tool for communication for your business. In case you encounter problems with VoIP communication, try the above mentioned methods. Investing in a smart VoIP software can allow you to communicate at a faster speed and save you a huge amount of time.