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Why You Must Enroll to ASTPP Online Training Program?

  • April 14, 2020


The ASTPP online training program is live now. Anyone can join it to maximize time utility in the current scenario. As we all know, people are in the houses as the COVID 19 cases are increasing like anything. Participating in learning activities can keep one engaged and help him improve professionals or personal skills.

The ASTPP community launched the remote ASTPP training program in which it will take sessions for the participants. This online training is beneficial for individuals as well as for companies. Today, in this article, we will talk about the ASTPP online training program and its benefits for individual learners. Here, individual learners can be anyone who is working in the VoIP industry or want to make a career in this industry.

Top 3 benefits of ASTPP online training program for individuals:

1. Knowing the power of ASTPP inside out

ASTPP has been benefiting the world by delivering the most powerful VoIP billing solution until mid-2019. Now, it is a completely transformed solution. It is a smart telephony platform. It still offers the most advanced VoIP billing system, but it also offers many more smart VoIP solutions to the users. Furthermore, there is some fundamental advancement introduced in this system. This transformation was introduced with the launch of ASTPP 4. In a nutshell, it is a completely transformed solution and quite different than earlier. Of course, it is still user friendly and powerful, but now, it has much more to offer.

Attending the online training program of ASTPP will help you know this smart telephony platform better. You will also learn some interesting benefits of different add-ons and features of ASTPP 4, which you might not get to know otherwise.

2. Learning in a comfortable environment

This is a remote training program setup. It means you can learn from your own home with a cup of coffee in the most comfortable learning environment. To benefit the learners, the community will have only 4 professionals in a single group. It gives more personalized training opportunities to the learners to make sure they can maximize the benefits.

3. Receiving a certification to lift up career graph

ASTPP community will also give a course completion certificate to all participants that successfully complete the course. Its benefit is that the participants can use this certification to lift up their career graph. The certification indicates that you have learned this smart VoIP software from the experts and you know it well. Whether you are working in a company or you offer freelance services, you can get benefited by having this certification as it can show your excellence in the ASTPP 4.


The current situation of Pandemic due to COVID 19 has given an opportunity to many people to have more hours in a day. This time can be invested well in learning a smart VoIP solution to leverage many more benefits. Contact us to know more about this training program and how you can further get benefited.